**** Minimal Detroit – The Bridge (Minimal Detroit Audio mda.001 – 2021)

For the launch of the self-titled label, electronic music enthusiasts from Minimal Detroit have summoned artists from both sides of the Atlantic, which may explain why the EP is called “The Bridge”. The A-side features local heroes from Michigan, perpetual minimalist Terrence Dixon opening with tight “The Musical”, which is a conflicting blend of cheerful synth riff and murderous bass kick, the rest stripped to the basics. In the track “Transmission D”, Rod Modell celebrates sturdier beats, staying close to his “Captagon” album on Tresor. An undulating, sovereign journey is fading out with dub techno textures, which in turn, are main ingredients in Thomas Fehlmann‘s complex creation “Offline”, a rustling self-reflection on the fringes of civilization. Domenique Xander, another German visitor on the B-side, does his part with pensive and likewise dub-tinged builder (“Lowercase”), to round up a notable label start.


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