***** Terrestrial Access Network – Distant Lands EP (LDI Records LDI004 – 2022)

I may start with reflections on the geography of sound, as the artist Terrestrial Access Network (TAN) comes from Austin, Texas, which is a three-hour drive from Dallas, the home of Gerard Hanson in the same US state. The first tones of the opener “Voltage Anagnorisis” lend a shape to the imaginative bridge between the two artists, when in addition to the geopositioning angle, the blossoming pads over placid bass bear similarity with Hanson’s Convextion and E.R.P. projects.

While both are sharing the Texan origin, they are separated by the distance between the two cities and, more importantly, the way how they treat the sounds. Obviously, we are not facing a  Convextion 2.0 here, but a new discovery with the standout solo debut.  Strong proof is given with “Endless Dunes”, a sightseeing of fata morganas bolstered by acidic staccatos and the same mood is preserved in tender yet dynamic textures of the title track. On the B-side, Versalife is spraying metal dust in the chunky remix of “Intergalactic Commodities”, while the original is a sonic stimulant successfully in search of a compelling groove. The show is far from being over, when “Slow Fall” is the brightest star in the cluster, sweet sequences fueled by caustic lines and synth claps.

In addition to the skill of administering harmonies, TAN’s music makes a spontaneous impression. The artist seems to be free of any external disturbances and reflects this mood in the compositions. The EP “Distant Lands” affirms that electro revival is not done yet and for this reason, the EP will be on my shopping list.

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