**** John Heckle – Return To Titan (Intrinsic Rhythm IR004 – 2023)

The sleeve of a John Heckle EP (IR004).For the first time, John Heckle presents his craftmanship on the label of the Irish artist Eddy Reynolds aka Tr One. Heckle is having fun with electronic harmonies where the North American influences can’t be overheard. Jazz is in da house in the opener “A”, where ample chords and radiant strings recall Kevin Saunderson’s creations.  Heavier bass with fizzy chimes are linking the next one, “7C”, to the Inner City textures. Modulations in “DSI” are pure magic, unfortunately the track doesn’t even last three full minutes – give us an extended version, please! The synth patterns of the ambient “CII” follow the trajectory of “P.H.A.S.E.R.”, and, again, this would deserve a rhythmic rework. For the end, legendary John Beltran enters the stage with illuminating funk, showing his skills in a remix of “A”.

Buy links:
Juno (UK)
Biit (EE)
Decks (DE)

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