*** SDH – Fake Is Real (Avant! Records AV 084 – 2023)

SDHSpanish duo SDH has become a precious outfit in the roster of Avant! Records. Their 2020 tune “Four Arms” belongs to my favorites of this decade and represents the band’s early phase of dark indietronics. The next EP “Maybe A Body” (2022) was another treat and took a step closer to industrial with a Phase Fatale remix. The new album “Fake Is Real” may fit the zeitgeist with AI’s takeover and distorted reality. However, to my ears it sounds too desperate to convey the ‘dark cool’ attitude and compromises the earlier romantic drive.  The LP’s hit warning comes with the sweet and powerful “Cellular Sky”. Other mood boosters are Europop offspring “Balance”, neat insomniac synth piece “Talk In Dreams” and flashing arp-filled “Hectic”. All in all SDH (originally Semiotics Department Of Heteronyms) remains a vital player in the dark synth genre.

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