***** SDH – Against Strong Thinking (Avant! AV 06 – 2020)

Italian label Avant! runs an exciting catalogue of synth and wave artists, and SDH – with the full name Semiotics Department of Heteronyms – is one of them. SDH are Andrea Pérez Latorre and Sergi Algiz from Barcelona and they convinced already with the self-titled debut album in 2018. Their second vinyl release “Against Strong Thinking” has been one of my this year’s favourites.

More precisely, it the main attraction lies in the addictive wave ballad “Four Arms”, carried by the lovely suggestive voice of the vocalist Latorre. Thematically the songs might not be from the brightest end, but even “Suffer” is closer to sweet pop than to a physical and mental misery. “No Miracles” would please floor conquistadors and with the B-side’s “You Pt. 12” and “Poem Against Strong Thinking” SDH could share the stage with Tobias Bernstrup.

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