MIX: Terminal 313 on Mutant Radio (19 May 2020)

Vladimer from Tbilisi’s thriving Mutant Radio invited me to a mix session. It was a great honour to me, as they run a great program across many styles.

Osborne – Bout Ready To Jak (Spectral Sound)
Daniel Bell – Beyond + Back (7th City)
Sandwell District – Grey Cut Out (Version) (Sandwell District)
Qu – Runwitit (Underground Quality)
Matt O’Brien – A Particular Kind Of Peculiar (Off-Key Industries)
Connective Zone – Amecia (A13)
Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Star Sailing (Underground Resistance)
Agony – Hybrid (Molar)
69 – Rushed (Planet E)
Mono Junk vs Morphology – Electro Por Favor (Mono Junk Dub Remix) (Dum Records)
Dj HasH – La DMX En El Juego Esta (Urban Connections)
Rudolf C – Second Hand Love (X-Kalay)
Bulkhead – Luis Luvs His Nailgun (2MR)
Circuit Breaker – Overkill (Probe)
Plant43 – Fluid Reasoning (Semantica)
Machiste – Reale La Vita CU (Thrill Beat Construction)

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