Juju & Jordash are Gal Aner and Jordan Czamanski – two Amsterdam residents who met for the first time in Haifa at end-1990s, have produced their first longplayer that is colorful like a greengrocer’s stand at a Jewish market. The self-titled album kicks off with “Deep Blue Meanies“, an easy-goingRead More →

Chicago v. 2.0 – this label of Poindexter and Moss carries proudly the flame that was lit in the 80’s in Windy City, and they excel both in yield and quality. Current compilation has again picked up various musical influences and starts with Sir KaTie and “Shout” that speaks toRead More →

A release from 1996 that feels like having baptised the Transmat sublabel – two fragile, extended sound excursions that hover between ambient and trance. In fact, it’s pure and deep chord-driven Detroit techno with dub motives, like we know from John Beltran or Aril Brikha. With only one difference: drumRead More →

I-Fi veebiraadio CBS.nu sulgemine kuulus kindlasti läinud aasta kehvemate uudiste kilda. Kuid pole viga: juba mõni kuu on töötanud Intergalactic FM, mille kontseptsioon järgib CBSi, kuid veelgi “parem ja värskem”. Muusikat edastakase nüüd kolmest “saatjast”. Esimene pühendatud eelkõige Detroidi tehnole ja elektrole, kus vahevahel kõlab I-Fi ennast, Unit Moebiust, Convextioni,Read More →