At the end of September 37-year-old Detroit producer Aaron-Carl died of lymphoma. Final diagnosis was issued only a week before his final departure. Aaron-Carl was best known for his deep house productions, issued among others on Soul City, Underground Resistance sub-label, and later he created own platform Wallshaker Music. ButRead More →

Metaphers of oceanic fauna are very appropriate. “Sphere Of Influence” is a jellyfish floating calmly in the tropic floods of the Caribbean. Warm and even melancholic electro with hints of acid that, despite of certain softness, feels very deep and futuristic.“Sentiment” is a highlight of 2010 – hot-tempered stingray, whoRead More →

Now for something really dusty, on a tape. “Minimal Techno” could be the mother of all mid-1990s techno compilations. No time to lean back, as it’s a full-on jaw-dropping trip of pulsating and pumping techno. Dating back to 1996, this compilation features landmark techno from many legendary artists and labelsRead More →