After much-appraised “Ocular Animus” last summer, Ultradyne’s Pi Gao Movement has commissioned a vinyl release of secret UFO committee sound files that were recorded by the Majestic 12 alias in 2011. “Descendants Of Starfish Prime” is written with the blackest ink and comes from the junction of dark electro andRead More →

Elypsia, an embassy of Detroit sound reborn Elypsia Records emerged in the second half of the nineties, as an European home for several Detroit artists – Claude Young, Dark Comedy (Kenny Larkin), D-Knox, to name a few. That time, Motor City’s own labels under the umbrella of Submerge distribution wereRead More →

Detroit’s technological belly dance Gary Martin and his Teknotika Records are a special phenomenon in the history of Detroit techno. Compared to the city’s traditional electronic sound – UR’s hi-tech funk, 430 West’s rolling house or Metroplex’s stellar electro -, the output curated by Martin aka Gigi Galaxy would ratherRead More →