Release date is in June 2014 “Paris / Berlin” descends to places where the strobe lumens are in stark contrast to surrounding darkness. This is techno underground, researched and explained in recent one-hour documentary “Paris / Berlin” by Amélie Ravalec, a French film maker and scene activist. She runs withRead More →

Believe it or not, this is Yuji Kondo’s first solo vinyl, released under the Ducerey Ada Nexino moniker on Scalameriya’s Serbian imprint Genesa. Three of Japanese producer’s tracks run on familiar shredded rhythms and spitfire stabs, topped with splintered vocal loops. The best pick is “Mouth Of Which” [witch?], steppingRead More →

Instead of pretentious statements about delivering mysterious and timeless techno, NX1 and Adriana Lopez just give simple instructions: Move your a**. The label of the Colombian-born Barcelona resident Adriana Lopez reports for the third time, presenting a split release by Lopez herself and Samot & Surit aka NX1 from Barcelona.In “GR1” the SpanishRead More →

From the mid-90s a lot was cooking on Interdimensional Transmissions (IT) when the Detroit label was spearheading the electro revival in many fronts. IT was praised for the weighty “From Beyond” series and became a significant platform for its founding collective Ectomorph and contemporaries like I-F and GD Luxxe.During lastRead More →

Good news from Chicago when Stilove4music, an offshoot of the city’s own Still Music, has decided to unearth a few gems from the golden era of acid house. Essentially it’s a Chris “Bam Bam”‘s Westbrook EP with one exception: The opener comes from late Armando Gallop whose “Land Of Confusion”Read More →

Aldebaran is ‘an orange giant star located about 65 light years away in the zodiac constellation of Taurus‘, but Alabrahamis and Oxakindiss are just linguistic inventions from the mind of cryptic Violet Poison. The artist’s arrival on Repitch after the EPs on self-titled label and Bed Of Nails is not aRead More →