DUST OFF: The best of 2005


The pressure is mounting for the end-of-the-year lists. It’s not an easy task when every week brings dozens of releases tagged as ‘unmissable’, ‘lethal’, ‘timeless’, and many of them are that, working well either in clubs or at home. The question is, which tracks are real survivors that will be applauded several years later. Judgement about the music’s lasting effect requires distance in time and space. This is why I selected fifteen survivors from my own collection to uncork well-matured 2005 produce, from the year that stood for the epidemic spread of minimal and emergence of grime/dubstep. But there was a lot more and as you […]

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Juno Chart 08/2014: Aisha Devi, Surgeon, Anopolis, Perc & Truss, OB Ignitt


A selection of most exciting records from August. Switzerland’s Aisha Devi, replacing her Kate Wax alias with the real name, impresses with hardcore-inclined experimental EP “Hakken Dub/Throat Dub” on own Danse Noire imprint. Seasoned techno pal Surgeon still in strong form, dropping “Fixed Action Pattern“, a two-tracker of infectous grooves and deep drones. Greece is calling when Anopolis collective surfs in the waves of cosmic disco and acid house and for eardrum challenge UK heads Perc & Truss come up with “Two Hundred“. Real Detroit sound can be enjoyed on OB Ignitt‘s new EP and TOP 6 is wrapped up with dark compressor beats by Monica Hits The Ground.

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Terminal 313 Juno Chart – July 2014: Beau Wanzer, Ekman, Robert Crash


This month’s selection is topped by an odd four-tracker by Chicago’s Beau Wanzer out soon on Nation Records. “Power Outage” is an experimental amalgamation of turbo disco, dark wave and viagra. Listening to Ekman‘s eerie new strike on Panzerkreuz one can understand all the fuss about the Dutch producer fond of dirty acid stuff. Robert Crash‘s inspiration lies in early Chicago acid of Phuture and likes but he adds unexpected twist to the tracks in “Friends To Friends“.“The Giant Monarch“, an excellent mini compilation comes from New York’s Fifth Wall Records with the artists L’estasi Dell’oro, Greg Z, Loric and Shawn O’Sullivan. Weighty […]

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DUST OFF: C-Tank, Influid, Interrupt in DJ Andy Düx chart April/May 1993 (Groove Magazin #21 – 1993)


Compiled by DJ Andy Düx in 1993 for the seminal Groove mag from Frankfurt, this chart reflects the heyday of gabber and hard (acid) trance with many pivotal German labels and artists listed. The first spot was grabbed by “Nightmares Are Reality”, a growling and pounding LP by C-Tank, an act set up by three producers who also operated as Humanoids From The Deep. C-Tank was a flagship of Overdrive, one of the hardcore bastions that time run by Düx himself. The militant title track fires with mad kick drum and “Evil Dead” samples. From Influence Recordings came Influid II sampling […]

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10/2012: Terrence Dixon, Matti Turunen, War Easy Made


Detroit’s Terrence Dixon is the undisputed champion of the Terminal 313 Juno Chart for October. Both the vinyl and CD versions of the “From The Far Future Pt. 2” are strong statements about the persistence of Detroit’s traditions and Dixon’s distinctive programming.On the second spot is Muhk Music, a new label based in Sweden,  which made a brilliant debut with Matti Turunen‘s “Elokuu”.No idea why War Easy Made is called as it is but the German label treats the dark techno faction with sub-bass in “The Internecine Truth”. Metasplice from Philadelphia, USA tests on Morphine Records again the cyborg ballroom with “Decant”. […]

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09/2012: Ancient Methods & Kareem, MPIA3, Acid Mercenaries

September was a great month for new music, topped by a deadly collaboration of industrial techno greats Ancient Methods and Kareem with “Exstinctio Conscientia” for the vinyl debut of the French label Fondation Sonore. London’s Avian is in a firm grip of acid techno, delivering with “Ely / Squatter’s Dog” the second striking EP by MPIA3. Corrosion alert came also from Panzerkreuz label with Acid Mercenaries. Fullpanda’s recent output has impressed, now with a split EP by Yuka and Stanislav Tolkachev. Jay Ahern launched a new label Modular Cowboy, celebrating it with “Cheap & Deep” remixes by Norman Nodge and […]

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08/2012: Forward Strategy Group, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, Aardvarck


A selection of ten new releases listed by Juno in August. Large headline in Techno Today would exclaim “Perc Trax did it again”, with a vinyl selection from Forward Strategy Group’s recent album. Metal is shining in the “Labour Division EP2” and also check out beautiful “Ident”.With riddim journeys of the “Call From Below” SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL might seem a rara avis in the roster of Digitalis, but in fact it’s just another example of the versatility of the Oklahoma label.Aardvarck’s “Nubian” was the bass record of the month, another great release by the Dutch producer. Bronze Age, EDMX, Bad News, Cut Hands, Vakula, […]

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01/2012: Svreca, Vedomir, Atom TM

“Obscur. Final”, a follow-up to the first “Obscur” edition by Semantica label head Svreca, heads the Terminal 313 best-of list with a strong techno package, including the remixes by Regis, Orphx, Silent Servant and Skirt. Vakula dropped two fine cuts under the Vedomir guise, releasing “Orthodox Ambient” on Dekmantel and Sähkö has blown off dust from Atom Heart’s 1994 tapes, releasing with “Cold Memories” two ultra long tracks by the project Atom TM. Sandwell District says goodbye to the world with Rrose‘s “Artificial Light 1969-1909”. Acid faction is represented by a mini comp “We Want You To Understand The Future” […]

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12/2011: Drexciya, Nuel, Ruskin & O’Connor

Drexciya‘s much-anticipated compilation landed in the first position of the Juno chart in December – although it features only one unreleased track, the fact of having access to the back catalog of Detroit’s most prominent electro act deserves full respect. Italy’s Nuel abandoned droning techno for a while and released on Seattle’s Further Records a mesmerizing album “Trance Mutation”. O/V/R Live is a new label that started with a two-tracker by O/V/R aka Karl O’Connor and James Ruskin, the latter really hitting with rhythm hammer. Amsterdam’s San Proper was a revelation with two solid and stripped-down deep house tracks on […]

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