Nikolajev – Nikolajev (Collect Call CC 003 – 2016)


Nikolajev, Robert. Despite of young age, he has become a reputed DJ in the Estonian underground and co-runs Lekker, a vivacious nightspot in Tallinn. A special mention deserves the fact that he has been part of the techno act Neue Einsicht that warmed up Ancient Methods at Kõue Heli Festival in 2013. After listening to Nikolajev’s debut on the Canadian imprint Collect Call, I’m not wondering why it became a Soundcloud success with about 12,000 plays, because not many new artists in 2016 can match Nikolajev’s premiere – and I’m not saying it because of being an Estonian. The A-side contains two robust, bass-heavy cuts, […]

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Peacefrog turns 25, plans re-pressing early vinyl


The 25th anniversary of Peacefrog will not be a quiet one, when the seminal UK label admitted it plans to ‘re-press some early catalogue and favourites’. In 2011, the 20-year celebrations were marked with a couple limited edition and coloured vinyl represses of some sought-after tunes, such as both the original and remix versions of DBX’s “Losing Control”. Peacefrog has not yet disclosed any precise plans, what releases it has in mind, but suggestions from the social media have started streaming in. @terminal313 We’re in the process of re-pressing some early catalogue and favourites. Watch our socials for announcements — Peacefrog (@PeacefrogMusic) […]

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Anopolis – Δημοκρίτου (Lower Parts LP10 – 2016)


A heart-warming electronic music cluster has emerged in Greece around Thessaloniki’s Anopolis collective and Lower Parts, a label from Athens that has secured a quality roster with international artists such as DJ Stingray 313 or TX Connect, as well as late German acid king Andreas Gehm completed an EP during his prolific and unfortunately too brief career. However, the label’s first wave of releases came from the locals, most notably from Anopolis fellows who impressed with the debut in 2014. Now the group consisting of Dim DJ, Drum Machinee, Lowjac and Oldman Talkin’ has completed another sessions of drum programming and presents […]

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DUST OFF: Gemini – The Beginning (Relief Records RR 703 – 1994)


It’s time to correct a major shortcoming in this blog, namely the missing coverage about the artist who deserves superlatives – Spencer Kincy aka Gemini. A member of the mid-nineties guild of Chicago house producers who were headquartered at the labels like Relief and Cajual, Gemini shaped both the new deep and engaging sound from the Windy City. However, “A Moment Of Insanity”, his first twelve in my collection, was issued in Detroit, on Carl Craig’s Planet E, and Gemini also put out music on French Distance, UK’s Peacefrog – to mention a few of them. Still his best works appeared on the abovementioned home town labels. Gemini’s […]

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Ten train tracks

IMGP6967edit crop

The following playlist could be extended by Moroder’s “Midnight Express”, The Farm’s “Groovy Train”, Kadoc’s “The Nighttrain” or even Soul Asylum’s “Runaway Train”, but this is my selection of ten train-themed tracks, spanning from experimental sounds to italo disco. What I noticed is that mid-1990s new generation Chicago producers were pretty obsessed about railway themes and they are represented with a couple of tracks (thought about adding BMC’s “Loco Motion” too). Feel free to add your suggestions to the comments below. Chris Watson – El Divisadero (The Telegraph) (Touch) After a CD album with field recordings made in Mexico, Cabaret Voltaire’s founding member Watson issued […]

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I.B.M. – From The Land Of Rape & Honey (The Suppressed Tapes ) 1995 – 2005 (Interdimensional Transmissions IT35 – 2015)


Electronic music’s foremost Afro-futurist keeps up the connection to Interdimensional Transmissions: Ten years after the label debut as I.B.M. (=Insane Black Man), Jamal Moss reappears at the Ann Arbor squad under the same alias. It turns out that Moss had something to hide back in the days, because the double vinyl “From The Land Of Rape And Honey” is collected from a number of lost tapes covering the period from 1995 to 2005, meaning that for some tracks it took about 20 years to get released. Sometimes ‘unreleased’ or ‘forgotten’ stand for leftovers that are expected to give an extra push to […]

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Vin Sol – Off The Chain (Clone Jack For Daze ‎C#JFD23 – 2015)

In recent times, a number of Chicago reissues is popping up, to quench the thirst for classic house releases. However, a new life of the oldies by Trax, DJ International, Chicago Underground, etc. does not mean that ghetto and jack are sending only messages from the retirement. Clone sublabel Jack For Daze is in the front row of Chicago-inspired music, combining the Windy City’s nostalgic flair with the new production energy. JFD’s recent “Off The Chain” comes from Vin Sol, a Californian export to the world located in sunny San Francisco, where he runs Soo Wavey Records with another artist Matrixxman and has previous label experience with UTTU. A Dance […]

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DUST OFF: DJ Boris – Black Damien (Relief Records RR733 – 1995)


It was the autumn of 1995 when I spent my two-month vinyl budget on “The Future Sound Of Chicago“, a triple pack documenting the resurgence of harder side Chicago, spearheaded by Green Velvet, Gemini and others. Previously guided by DJ Jokke’s (FI) thematic mini mix, I was very convinced the new raw sound from Chicago is the event of the year. “The Future Sound Of Chicago” itself deserves a closer look but I would like to focus on the artist behind the weirdest track on the comp. It was DJ Boris aka Jerome Baker, a Chicago native, whose bone-dry funk […]

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Various – Jerome Derradji Presents The House That Jackmaster Hater Built (Still Music Stillmdcd012 – 2014)


A wealth of 26 tracks in the CD version and half of them selected for two vinyl double packs, Jerome Derradji’s Still Music digs again in the archives of Chicago house to explore the catalog of Kstarke Records. The story goes that the Kstarke owner Kevin Starke aka Jackmaster Hater, adheres to the motto I want them to hate me for putting this out, which is well reflected in the bumpy ride of the compilation. “The House That Jackmaster Hater Built” contains rare material by Ron Hardy, James “Jack Rabbit” Martin, Terrence Woodard, Traxmen and many more, for an entertaining assortment of hedonistic acid house workouts. Given the label’s approach and featured artists, the […]

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Armando/Chris “Bam Bam” Westbrook – Bam Bam’s Westbrook Classics (stilove4music039)


Good news from Chicago when Stilove4music, an offshoot of the city’s own Still Music, has decided to unearth a few gems from the golden era of acid house. Essentially it’s a Chris “Bam Bam” Westbrook EP with one exception: The opener comes from late Armando Gallop whose “Land Of Confusion” was definitely not a Genesis cover but a warehouse classic. Originally out already in 1987 on Bam Bam’s fledgling Westbrook Records, it’s an anthemic track with wiggly 303 programming. “Confusion Mix” pairs well with fat bass line and sound of breaking glass of “Where’s Your Child”, Bam Bam’s urging and eerie […]

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