Techno promos: –Story, /beyond/, D.Carbone, Zanias


Picked some releases from the promo folder to highlight those that have caught my attention.           –Story – Object EP (Koepel-I) Release date 26/09/2016 Along with cryptic spelling comes an exciting artist and label debut with deep house inclined tracks that make good use of bouncy drums and distortion the Rezzett way (“001”). A spontaneous fifer joins the dubby undercurrents in “002” and Planet E type majestic chords appear in “003”. /beyond/ – Now I See There’s Light (Urban Legend UL 002) Release date 25/09/2016 After having a track on Urban Legend’s inaugural various artists release “Phobos” […]

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Luis CL – BD04 (Big Doint BD04 – 2016)


Big Doint from Adelaide, Australia is a label that may hail from the outskirts of global electronic village, but in its fourth EP the offshoot of Untzz Twelve Inch shows a good grasp of producing charming rhythms. Behind the tracks is Luis CL, by the civil name Luis Cran-Lawrence and a member of the Melbourne-based act Zanzibar Chanel, and his first twelve for Big Doint is filled with warm deep house that reminds of Chicago labels like Prescription or Guidance. Piano, hi-hats and smooth bass are driving the tunes “Heist”, “Moody Jass” and even the bizarrely titled “Kill Whitey” while “Joy” touches the foundations of space […]

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DUST OFF: Gemini – The Beginning (Relief Records RR 703 – 1994)


It’s time to correct a major shortcoming in this blog, namely the missing coverage about the artist who deserves superlatives – Spencer Kincy aka Gemini. A member of the mid-nineties guild of Chicago house producers who were headquartered at the labels like Relief and Cajual, Gemini shaped both the new deep and engaging sound from the Windy City. However, “A Moment Of Insanity”, his first twelve in my collection, was issued in Detroit, on Carl Craig’s Planet E, and Gemini also put out music on French Distance, UK’s Peacefrog – to mention a few of them. Still his best works appeared on the abovementioned home town labels. Gemini’s […]

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DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – Madison Square Dungeon (Plan B Recordings PBR045 – 2016)


Established in 2008, Plan B Records is a true New York City powerhouse run by DJ Spider and Lola aka Dakini9 who have supplied many of the label’s releases. In the same, they have hosted a number of techno and (deep) house producers, if to recall only Amir Alexander who dropped wonderful deep house EP “Sonic Subversion” last year. DJ Spider, whose sound can be described ‘dirty’, spelled with admiration, has a penchant for collabs, either with Marshallito, Hakim Murphy or Franklin Da Costa, to name just a few, and for the catalogue number PBR045 the label frontman rejoins forces with NYC-based electronic musician Phil Moffa. […]

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DUST OFF: Freddie Fresh – Comatone 95 (Electric Music Foundation EF 06-12 – 1995)


Minneapolis-born Freddie (Freddy) Fresh was in full swing throughout the 1990s and later, with a massive run of (acid) techno and electro tracks that were released under various guises on labels ranging from Harthouse to Missile. In recent times we have heard less about Fresh – a smoking collab with fellow Midwesterner Paul Birken lies more than three years back – but his extensive back catalogue offers several great finds. One of them is the mid-nineties release “Comatone 95”, which dropped on the Electric Music Foundation (EMF), an Analog Records offshoot launched by Fresh and Auto Kinetic. By the title, Fresh’s 1992 banger “Comatone” on EXperimental, could be related to the EMF release, but by […]

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Hüpnosaurus – Where Am I? (Wicked Bass WB017 – 2015)


It would be unthinkable to speak about Estonian electronic music without saying a word about Hüpnosaurus (or Hypnosaurus), a project launched by Aivar Tõnso in the beginning of the 1990s and later co-run with Raul Saaremets, nowadays known as Ajukaja. Initially a live act of Tõnso and Railo Pals, Hüpnosaurus became an institution for synthetic sounds in Estonia, throwing impressive live gigs over the years at various locations and performing as a DJ team called Hypnitro Soundsystem. The musical inspiration tracks back to Tõnso’s early age, when he got interested in electronic sounds and sci-fi fantasies, which all led to […]

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SHLTR – Konstrukt 001 (Konstrukt KON001 – 2015)

The debut release of the Dutch label Konstrukt arrived rather quietly, but SHLTR’s EP has the potential for a strong presence in the DJ charts. Because what we hear is a beautiful label start with ample soundscapes from techno’s sensible side. The magic of “Konstrukt 001” lies in sweet timbres that make to believe in the kindness of human race, without running the risk of looking pathetic. The aptly titled opener “When Protection Surrounds” is the cream of the crop, built on endless pads that have something in common with Parazide’s “Makin’ Love” or, of recent examples, Eduardo De La Calle’s delicate sounds. On the B-side, […]

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Church Boy Lou – Weep (Dirt Tech Reck DTR06 – 2015)

As a designer and photographer, Robert O’Bryant aka Waajeed was affiliated with Detroit’s hip hop group Slum Village and then gradually became a producer himself. Waajeed’s first own label was The Bling 47 Group, followed by the launch of Dirt Tech Reck (initially Records) in 2013. Closely connected to the Detroit techno headquarters Submerge, the DTR imprint can look back to a number of releases between street credible beats and soulful house, to present now “Weep” by Church Boy Lou. Waajeed’s new alias seems like an invitation to Sunday morning mess in the neighbourhood. The spiritual opener “Show Me” is […]

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Jack Murphy – Points Zero (Don’t Be Afraid SPE005 – 2014)

It is a peculiar relationship I have to some labels and artists, Don’t Be Afraid being one of them. Enjoying most of their releases, I am not too concerned when missing out some of the output. What prevails is a feel of safety, the knowledge they are around and accessible when I need good music. Luckily, I did not give a miss to Don’t Be Afraid’s newest four-tracker titled “Points Zero”. It comes from Jack Murphy, a San Francisco based artist who had previously released two EPs on Frozen Border sub-label Reference. His Digital Tsunami mix already indicated a good […]

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Timeline – The Conscious Dream EP (Underground Resistance ‎UR-087 – 2014)


Not as numerous as Underground Resistance’s super group Galaxy 2 Galaxy, Timeline follows the concept of the UR the Band. A project conceived and run by Mike Banks, and uniting artists like keyboardist Jon Dixon, sax player DeSean Jones and producer/DJ Mark Flash, Timeline is a travelling live collective standing for Detroit’s spiritual side. Whereas the perspective arising from house and jazz is not new for the headquarters of techno, when thinking of early UR productions or labels like Happy Records. As expected, “The Conscious Dream EP” reveals the smoother side of UR’s storm bringers, true to the proclamation this is not techno, this is high-tech jazz. The […]

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