REVIEW: Jack Murphy – Knowing Something 1 (KS 1 – 2016)


After only three solo EPs – on Frozen Border sublabel Reference and Don’t Be Afraid’s Special Editions series – San Francisco resident Jack Murphy has decided to become a music publisher and launches his own Knowing Something imprint with a self-titled EP. The label debut can be only conditionally called techno because Murphy’s less-is-more approach aims at gentle, transparent sounds and if we were in mid-2000s, he could act as a saviour in the otherwise challenging post-minimal phase. The A-side opener “Haze” excels in mildness from percussion to textures of aquatic kind, in an exhibit of crisp, snappy minimalism. With delicate pads […]

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Terminal 313 for Lower Parts mix


In recent years, Lower Parts has become one of my favourite labels that has not only engaged international talents but also boosted a new generation of electronic producers from native Greece. When the label founder Panajiotis aka Asty Tekk asked me for a mix I felt really honoured. Now the result is available on Lower Parts Soundcloud: you are welcome to check my home-made mix and also the label’s past and upcoming releases. The tracklist is included below.     Abe Duque – Endorsements (Abe Duque Records) Planetary Assault Systems – Gruve (Peacefrog) Fred Giannelli – Sorcery (Telepathic) Bernard Badie – Time […]

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ELECTRO TALK: Komarken Electronics (Brokntoys, Solar One Music)


    A recent addition in the already standout roster of London-based electro label Brokntoys is Komarken Electronics from Sweden. Behind the act with about 10 years of soundwriting experience is Tobias from Kungälv, within a 20-minute drive from the Swedish electro capital Gothenburg. Terminal 313 sent a few questions to the artist.     Although you debuted on Stilleben already in 2007, your profile is not found in the Resident Advisor and not much is known about you. Please tell some words about yourself. I started the project in 2006 and put some tracks on a Myspace account. Lukas (Luke Eargoggle) […]

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New electro: Kurt Y. Gödel, Versalife, Vortex Traks


The 2016 electro vintage has been exceptionally good and despite of ongoing flood of new material, the quality level remains high. It’s time to have a closer look at the new releases on YUYAY Records, TRUST and Vortex Traks. Kurt Y. Gödel – Chord Rememory (YUYAY Records YUY009) YUYAY operates out of Leipzig, Germany and the label’s second vinyl EP after several digi releases comes with four interpretations of “Chord Memory”, a Kurt Y. Gödel’s track from the 2015 digi album. A couple of versions are aligned to classic electro but along the way we meet discofied synth wave (“Hyboid’s Galactic Memory”), cyborg tribal (“Milium’s Mutiny Theory”) and […]

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REVIEW: Komarken Electronics – Expanded Consciousness (Brokntoys BT 15 – 2016)


Brokntoys is not taking any breathers: after recent twelves by IPTWDIP and London Modular Alliance, the UK label resumes the stream of splendid electro releases with “Expanded Consciousness” by the Swedish act Komarken Electronics. Along with an album on Stilleben, an EP on Solar One Music and appearances on various other labels, Komarken Electronics has a number of self-released tunes under his belt but still the artist from the Swedish small town Kungälv could be considered as rather unknown in the electro world. However, writing tracks since 2006 means a remarkable experience that is reflected in the new twelve. Gentle pads are flickering in the […]

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REVIEW: Sync 24 & Silicon Scally – Jack Out EP (Cultivated Electronics ‎CE019 – 2016)


New delivery from the London label Cultivated Electronics is a dream team collaboration by two talented electro artists: the label founder Philip Bolland as Sync 24 and Carl A. Finlow under the Silicon Scally alias. The A-side leaves nothing to be desired. Sturdy techno bass cut “Jack Out” slams the door open with raw US West Coast funk for 1980s break dance parties and the UK producers are taking good care of the heritage by adding laser gun effects – only Arabian Prince rhymes are missing for a genuine feel. “Sine Vibes” is an ice-cold and invasive piece, thundering along with crooked synth riffs and rusty vocal effects. The B-side continues […]

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Lok44 – Bous (TRUST025 – 2016)


Since 1998, DJ Glow from Vienna has been running a label that has trust in electro. After all the years, TRUST’s catalogue can’t called extensive but the label is putting out records at a steady pace and the lineup speaks for itself, with artists like Microthol, Epy or Clatterbox and a number of mini compilations from recent times. In 2003, Lok44 debuted on the label with “Ghetto Of The Mind” and after “Derailed” in the following year fell silent for a long time. Till now I was not aware about the background of the act that was so far spotted in my collection only with a remix […]

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DUST OFF: Underground Resistance – Sweat Electric (Somewhere In Detroit ‎S.I.D.-001)


  Twenty years ago to the day, I was standing at 2030 Grand River, Detroit, in front of a metal door. A friend I was visiting in Troy had given me a ride to the city, to catch sight of the downtown before heading to techno’s sanctuary Submerge. Before that I made a stopover at Save The Vinyl record store, picking up Dan Lodig’s “Che Si”, Dance Mania’s “Basement Traxx Vol. 2” and X-103’s “Thera”. Had some talk with the guys in the store, asked for directions to Submerge and found the way quite easily afterwards. I’m not sure if I managed to make […]

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Interview: Andy Crosby aka Spesimen


For a brief time in the 1990s, Ann Arbor electronic artist Andy Crosby aka Spesimen entered the electro scene with two releases on his own Infocalypse Records. His solo efforts included EPs on Amici Curiae and Pomelo, but before really taking off, Spesimen disappeared from the radars. Up to the comeback this spring, when Berlin label Libertine issued a split EP with Rusuden and Spesimen. Whether it was an one-off effort or does Crosby have something more in the pipeline, Terminal 313 tried to find out in a written interview with the artist living in San Francisco, going back to […]

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ITPDWIP – Post Love (Brokntoys BT12 – 2016)


Brokntoys is a label I should have coveted long before spotting Marco Bernardi’s “Spoken Word Of Lie” (2015), because in retrospective many earlier works of the London-based label sound terrific too. I would not be walking alone with the claim that Brokntoys can be found in the forefront of current electro movement, when it puts out impressive tunes by Luke Eargoggle, Dez Williams, Microthol and others, quite often in the format of mini compilations. After Dan White’s “Digital Physics”, there is another solo release coming from the label, “Post Love” by ITPDWIP. Behind the acronym is Greek producer Vladimiros Peilivanidis who also uses aliases […]

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