Nikolajev – Nikolajev (Collect Call CC 003 – 2016)


Nikolajev, Robert. Despite of young age, he has become a reputed DJ in the Estonian underground and co-runs Lekker, a vivacious nightspot in Tallinn. A special mention deserves the fact that he has been part of the techno act Neue Einsicht that warmed up Ancient Methods at Kõue Heli Festival in 2013. After listening to Nikolajev’s debut on the Canadian imprint Collect Call, I’m not wondering why it became a Soundcloud success with about 12,000 plays, because not many new artists in 2016 can match Nikolajev’s premiere – and I’m not saying it because of being an Estonian. The A-side contains two robust, bass-heavy cuts, […]

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Ten f*ck tracks

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We can’t speak of the ‘fuck’ shortage in the music around us, as there are about 50,000 related hits in Discogs. Although the word itself is not enough for rebellion, the artists feel often tempted to see ‘fuck’ as a way to self-expression, which has led to a number of tracks balancing between the good and the bad taste, more the latter. Obviously, ballads are not the genre where we should look around while music breeds like punk and hardcore or ghetto and booty bass provide a lot of thematic material. The following selection represents mostly artists and labels I can recall from earlier days. Something […]

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Vin Sol – Off The Chain (Clone Jack For Daze ‎C#JFD23 – 2015)

In recent times, a number of Chicago reissues is popping up, to quench the thirst for classic house releases. However, a new life of the oldies by Trax, DJ International, Chicago Underground, etc. does not mean that ghetto and jack are sending only messages from the retirement. Clone sublabel Jack For Daze is in the front row of Chicago-inspired music, combining the Windy City’s nostalgic flair with the new production energy. JFD’s recent “Off The Chain” comes from Vin Sol, a Californian export to the world located in sunny San Francisco, where he runs Soo Wavey Records with another artist Matrixxman and has previous label experience with UTTU. A Dance […]

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Various – Telex Magick (Marguerita Recordings ‎Mar 0099 – 2013)


High rating alert. Inspired by the analog era when telexes dominated the telecommunications, a group of international comandantes from Europe and USA has gathered under the banner of Marguerita Recordings for a full-fledged electro compilation.The duo called Middle Men gets the party started with rocking 808 in “Another Think Coming”, followed by Gosub’s sexy “I Know You Know”, which lands between Dopplereffekt futurism and Model 500 brilliant Detroit pads. After the choral intro Rude 66 turns “The Anvil” to a break dance joint while Boris Divider and MANASYt convert the sound bytes into thermal energy.On the B-side Kronos Device haunts with dark […]

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L-Vis 1990 – Club Constructions Vol. 1 (Night Slugs NSCC001 – 2012)


L-Vis 1990 in the ghetto for a booty-shaking and testosterone-dripping jaunt, in full compliance with old Chicago traditions. In a broad and load manner the UK youngster drops five striking cuts sounding like Dance Mania on steroids. “Workout” kicks in the best a**-n-ti**ies style, but real gems are “Video Drone”, a percussive attack of killer bees, and rhythm orgy “Hard Drive”, with no strings attached for ecstatic peak hours. Some percolator is given in “Girl Clap” and “Rubber Crash” issues alarms like Robert Armani did in old days.Full props to L-Vis 1990 having embarked on a mission to give a […]

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Omar S – These Complimentary Track’x (AOS432*16 RE-1) – 7/10


Omar-S is a real Motor City man: Produces rough tracks and has a proper day work in automotive industry, at the Ford Motor Company. Been very busy this year and may have needed extra night hours to keep up with the publishing schedule. Now simultaneously with “All I Do”, a collaboration with Roy Davis Jr, a new four-tracker called “These Complimentary Track’x”  is out on his home label FXHE.Having recently done his first acid record, he continues where he left off: “Solely Supported” is clearly following the lights of Chicago and sounds like warehouse acid. “Under Jamaica” has furious drums […]

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