The Trash Company ‎– Modern Love (Thug Records THUG 015 – 2013)


Despite of strong electronic connotations this EP is not related to Modern Love, a visionary techno imprint from Manchester. Because Max E. Monroe, the artist behind The Trash Company, composed the tracks about 20 years ago and these were initially rejected by Capitol Records. Until recently Monroe from Richmond, Virginia was among the unknowns of the music world, before his talent (or potential) was discovered by People’s Potential Unlimited (PPU). After the LP “Earle Hotel Tapes 1979 – 1993” and a single on PPU, The Trash Company now bravely blends different genres in “Modern Love”. The heaviest punch comes for the […]

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Abdulla Rashim – Aksum (Abdulla Rashim Records ARR006 – 2013)


Since the launch of the self-titled imprint, floor-conscious Abdulla Rashim has undergone steady artistic evolution. Firstly jumping on the droning techno bandwagon, Rashim quickly detached his sound from trendy tropes. Now the label’s sixth and most fulfilled release is once again inspired by the skies above Ethiopia and the country’s ancient Aksum kingdom and with a total playtime of 30 minutes it might be called Rashim’s first album. In many parts it’s more stripped down than previous EPs but still accentuates Rashim’s fascination for repetitive tribal textures.Introduced with speedy staccato reminding of Nico’s “The Wire”, the Nubian-rooted bonfire ritual begins […]

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These Hidden Hands – Remixes II (Hidden Hundred HH004 – 2013)


The remix potential of the self-titled debut album by These Hidden Hands, a project by Tommy Four Seven and a mastering engineer called Alain, has materialized in the second rework installment with three equally blistering tracks.A survivor from techno’s antique times, Uwe Schmidt aka Atom™ shows great artistic form in “When Told”, recalling Schmidt’s Lassigue Bendthaus years. The voice from electric cabaret keeps repeating when told while EBM drumset is paragliding to surprising ambient fadeout.Kangding Ray elevates the cylinder pressure with “Diesel”, nailing it with sinister drums and Green Velvet-like modulations. In “Isopod” Ancient Methods, the warlord of pitch-black sounds, sends out […]

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MGUN ‎– Some Tracks (Third Ear Recordings ‎3EEP-2013_10 – 2013)


It seems that artistically MGUN lodges in isolation, to be not distracted by the cookery in trendy music labs. A composer going his own way, MGUN has dropped classy releases on The Trilogy Tapes, Berceuse Heroique, Don’t Be Afraid – all choice labels in 2013 – and now on Hackney-based and aptly named Third Ear Recordings. Bluntly titled “Some Tracks” tells further tales about MGUN’s talent and bass obsession. Sounding both assertive and ethereal, lights are dimmed in revolving boogie funk “Extort”, introducing the rougher A-side. Serious fun goes on in “Mean While”, spelled exactly like this, which would generate […]

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Stave – Trust EP (Trensmat TR040 – 2013)


Mechanical witchery by Stave, a project from the mind of Chicago’s Jonathan Krohn, is unleashed in the end-of-the-year release by Irish label Trensmat. “Trust EP” goes further from the label’s recent jittery percussion into the realms of throbbing and harsh machine language. Any wellness desires are trampled under the heels of iron when in the opener „Trust“ a vermicular drone is overrun by massive industrial whip, succeeded by multi-rhythmic warfare “Anon“ with eerie horns and murmuring monks. On the B-side demontage resumes with Israel Vines’s fierce remix of „Tower 9“, with ghastly moans and industrial breakbeats towering over an obese […]

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L’estasi Dell’oro ‎– Kingdom For A Kiss (Berceuse Heroique ‎BH 004 – 2013)


Berceuse Heroique CEO Kemal has hauled Flaneur Audio and Voodoo Down Records operative Christopher Ernst from the US to a grueling trip on the nonconformist label from London.The invasive two-tracker fills close to 30 minutes of our miserable life, starting the A-side’s filthy noise and haunting voices united under the banner of rusty cogwheel. Built on a neverending sequence, the A-side is akin to analog rumble in techno about 20 years ago.Nothing biodegradable on the B-side either, when masters of distorted acid techno, Unit Moebius Anonymous and Shitcluster, are rising from the stinky sewers of The Hague. About 14 minutes of […]

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Eomac – Hither, Pappy EP (The Trilogy Tapes TTT013)


The EP with an animation bloke on the sleeve has been around for a while but still deserves a closer look. Eomac is a project by Ian McDonnell from Dublin, also one half of Lakker, and most recently acknowledged for a release on Berlin’s Killekill. Now the Eomac’s EP is a worthy addition to the catalog of The Trilogy Tapes, an innovative and exciting label from UK. All starts with a bittersweet flashback of the era of pest control outfits and adolescent Prodigy and Altern 8, with rolling “Hither, Pappy” where a loudly yelling MC is hailed by cheering stadium […]

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Ricardo Donoso – As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV061/2)


Since the vinyl debut „Progress Chance” on Digitalis two years ago, Ricardo Donoso has been the label’s highly acclaimed artist and now the Brazilian returns with the newest contribution “As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another”, which is a staggering mix of fragile layers, flaming arpeggios and shuddering bass. The master of synthetic harmonies keeps the one-album-per-year pace and the newest one, out on two separate EPs, exhibits the artist’s poetic and captivating approach to the machine-made music. Current work is his closest to dance canons, or could it be trance canons. Not comparable by BPM rate, the sound […]

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Skirt – Wish In The Maze (SEMANTICA 28 – 2013)


Skirt’s position as a flagship producer in Semantica’s stable is reaffirmed with “Wish In The Maze” when the US-born and Birmingham-based Bethany DeMoss returns to Svreca’s label shortly after excllent “Tumulto”, backed by Yuji Kondo and Shifted remixes, and earlier co-op with Svreca (“Hymen”). The new EP is again a joint effort with remix support received by Inigo Kennedy and Ancient Methods. The 120 BPM original moves in the realms of dark ambient, where cycles of swirling pads roam on slow seismic bass, backed by voice modulations. Despite of doomsday aura, certain warmth is sustained deep inside the track. Inigo […]

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Blacknecks 0003 (BLKN003 – 2013)


For the start the Blacknecks techno jet has been rerouted from London to post-season Rimini, as the explosive opener “Fash” summons the resort zombies under the shiny disco ball. Hardened Moroder-esque bass line twins with “Theme From Blacknecks” from the previous release, making a robust nod to Italo worshippers. The return to usual belters happens on the B-side: “Four Cunts And A Badge” sees most sincerely the machines in pain and the track is fueled by furious kick drum going into the realms of hardcore. Distorted, acid-bolstered “Same Old Brand New You” is soaked in havocking synth noise to round […]

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