Stave – Trust EP (Trensmat TR040 – 2013)

Mechanical witchery by Stave, a project from the mind of Chicago’s Jonathan Krohn, is unleashed in the end-of-the-year release by the Irish label Trensmat. “Trust EP” goes further from the label’s recent jittery percussion into the realms of throbbing and harsh machine language.
Any wellness desires are trampled under the heels of iron when in the opener „Trust“ a vermicular drone is overrun by massive industrial whip, succeeded by multi-rhythmic warfare “Anon“ with eerie horns and murmuring monks.

On the B-side demontage resumes with Israel Vines’s fierce remix of „Tower 9“, with ghastly moans and industrial breakbeats towering over an obese kick drum. Stumbling in traces of slag “Erox” does not quit the familiar landscape and offers a postgraduate course for the fans of Caustic Window. Of two digital bonus tracks, the annihilation scale is elevated in „Break“ with purgatory beats not far from the likes of Ancient Methods and Kareem while „Erox (Version)“ sees a cattle broker presiding over a frightened herd. Save our souls.

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