Farah – Metal Irene EP (Don’t Be Afraid DBA014 – 2013)

Release date is in December 2013

Another outstanding EP by the UK imprint Don’t Be Afraid (DBA), which has found a proper place in Juno’s Top 10 of record labels. Set up and run by Semtek, DBA continues its impressive streak with “Metal Irene EP” by a new signing called Farah, artist formerly known as Darling Farah and having Kamau Baaqi written in his passport.
The five-track EP is a proof of Farah’s great talent in capturing intellectual depth so often lost in today’s electronic productions.
Those still under the influence of DBA’s earlier twelve by MGUN, salute the arrival of another producer from Detroit, the city’s timeless groove dwelling in the opener “Cloudy Apple”, a track that deserves to be called techno funk.

Soft chords and sampled deep house vocals emerge in “Speak In The Spotlight” while “Humming” zooms in to micro-organisms with surface noise and light drone elements. With the appearance of  “Lockhead” electro is redefined with vibrating fibrous loop with boogie claps before dub and reverb abstractions end the story with “Pieced Apart”.
In “Metal Irene EP” deep house tropes share the compartment with technoid vibes, whereas the record’s main quality lies in diversity. While some producers believe that the power of a print insert and colored vinyl compensates two mediocre tracks, Farah has used the wax capacity in full, both physically and mentally.

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