News: Fylkingen unearths text-sound series from the 1970s


Der Schaumreiter scheitert in einem Raum voll Scheiter. Vapeurs en fleurs vous lêtes tourbillons de gaz amoreux. These are two extracts from the poems of the Estonian-born multi-talent Ilmar Laaban who was primarily known for his surrealist and intense poetry but as an artist with the gift of music he was keen to explore the melodic side of his weird works in the form of so-called ‘häälutused’ (soundations). In 1998, a few years before his passing, Swedish label avant-garde label Fylkingen Records collected the works of Laaban who had found refuge in Sweden during the WWII and belonged to the country’s wild verse innovators through decades. Laaban also appeared […]

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Shitcluster – Meat Thief (Panzerkreuz 1027 – 2016)


The Hague’s loonies operating under the name Shitcluster have staged another freakshow of rhythmic noise, to disrupt ‘dance music’ as such. New distorted deviations by Charlie Watkins and Jan Duivenvoorden – the latter running nowadays the Unit Moebius Anonymous –  begin with two ramming tracks on the A-side that remind of Ancient Methods’ “The Whip” from 2009. The gruelling chug of A1 is led by hollow, bouncy drums and subtle complaints like coming from Sid Vicious’s taped mouth, followed by asphyxial feel of A2. The B-side opens with rubbery stabs and eerie clonks that are guided by rotating turbines like engineered by Vainio Väisänen Vega and giving the sensations […]

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Cratedigging: Supertrax, Svante Thuresson, Black Ice, Dragnet et al


Some interesting finds from a box of vinyl stowed between kitchenware and 1990s jumpers in a second hand outlet. Because of limited time for browsing  just grabbed seven items and now I’m pretty happy with the outcome.Really no techno but the first one, “Supertrax Vol. 1” from 1983, features many highlights of the italo/hi-NRG and electro scene. Taking off with Bobby Orlando and his curated projects like One-Two-Three and The Flirts, we proceed to Patrick Cowley, Paul Parker, Man Parrish, Sylvester and others. Including Maurizio Vandelli AKA Key Of Dreams performing “Africa”, a song known from Toto’s catalog. Liner notes tell […]

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Innercity – N/A (NNA Tapes 033)


Rating: 8/10 This music is difficult to fit into tight places as it needs high ceilings. Cathedrals would suit the best, especially for the A-side’s “Dada Les Apocalypses”. Solemn droning organ music, both festive and menacing, for the very last minutes before the final demise.Witches would like distorted pumping lo-fi in “The Pyramids Of Northeast Belgium” that goes also easily over quota of sound decadence. Innercity is not a project of Kevin Saunderson – the Detroiter founded Inner City – but conceived by Hans Dens, a Belgian artist who literally caused a flood of releases since 2010. Current seven-inch works […]

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Kompleksi – [I Aint No] Lovechild / Moscow Nineteen Eighty (Lal Lal Lal 19) – 8/10


Definitely, the singer was not a choir boy of merit. Especially on “Lovechild” carrying a tune is a real challenge for him – but it could be just a clever disguise to keep this seven-inch as weird as possible. Because the guy doing the vocal part is Erkki Rautio AKA pHinn, an instigator of the Finnish electronic music scene and founder of PhinnWEB with Kompleksi being this website’s “house band”. “Lovechild” is like early-morning karaoke after a heavy night in the bar where only the boldest, and not necessarily the most beautiful, have survived. “Moscow Nineteen Eighty” is a bombastic […]

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DUST OFF: Various – Privileged Frames For Reference (V/Vm Test Records 0002) – þ/10


Back off, keep off – this bunch has to be isolated from the society because it’s not music. It’s terror. And it’s error. V/Vm is like 100-watt light bulb that attracts all kinds of weird insects. Purgatorian parasites and bugs gone berserk crash your ear canals and paint their graffitis inside: “V/vm was here“. You get no sleep after listening to this mayhem. Alien Porno Midgets swing the hula hoop on „High Altitude Over Hawaii“ but then Japanese Industrial Agents give with a metal hop a pre-taste of what is coming. Oleg Satichenko’s „Emissions From Reactor Room 17“ is an […]

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