Olga and Jozef were not wedding musicians from the Carpathian Mountains, but a proper techno label from Bratislava. Slovak scene, with artists like Rumenige or Kre, teased the floors with banging tracks and made a contribution, when at the millennium switch the axis of European techno moved to the EastRead More →

Rating: 9/10 Uncanny Valley’s fourth installment is a surprise to anyone accustomed to the label’s jazzy deep house output. Keeping the format of EP compilations, the sounds deriving from Dresden represent rougher side of the house music.“You Think You Think” by Sneaker runs in a synthetic bass-driven disco mode whenRead More →

In Berlin, Kurfürstendamm and Unter den Linden are must-go place in any travel guide, attracting the tourists visiting the city. Those seeking a different face of Berlin end up in Kreuzberg, a multicultural and bohemian district that is home of many record shops. When getting out at Kottbusser Tor underground stationRead More →

Rating: 9/10 “More light” did Johann Wolfgang Goethe allegedly exclaim before passing into the eternity in Weimar, a city in Germany and the home base of Giegling Records. Now the light comes from this relatively new but impressive label, which brings fresh air from Germany. Whereas the music is pitchRead More →

Rating: 8/10 Without Sandwell District, the year of techno 2010 would have been unimaginable. Regis, Function and Juan Mendez, quality producers in the battlefields of electronic music, were teasing the crowds throughout the year and as a culmination did an awesome album. The vinyl was sold out virtually in aRead More →

The May charts herald another return of acid. Twenty years after his first release, Italian Lory D is in a great form when reinforces surprisingly the roster of Numbers, hitting with EBM-minded acid tracks. Japanese producer Iori combines droning techno journey with subtle acid confirming that Prologue Music is aRead More →