This time a brief post about a Digitalis’ two-track digital single by Paco Sala that works as a teaser for the forthcoming album out this spring. “Gift Of The Bloom” features female vocals by Leyli who sounds like a French pop diva. In the non-album instrumental track “Gold Zone” glittering synthRead More →

Release date is 29 March 2012 Munich-based Prologue Music is discovering the fun of long format and currently trusting this job to Italian producers. While Donato Dozzy and Neel presented in “Voices From The Lake” a CD with crisp and clear ambient sounds, fellow countryman Claudio PRC is about toRead More →

Rating: 7/10 There are hundreds of quintillions possible combinations for solving the Rubik’s cube. Easily the same amount could be attributed to programming options of 303 or 808. Often challenged by the fear to remain just a copycat of Phuture or Hardfloor, the producers still keep going to replenish theRead More →

Rating: 7/10 In March, Semantica’s constant flow of new releases continues with Architectural’s two-tracker. Unlike Developer’s “Trade Beliefs“, the single by Juan Rico refrains from dark drones and pounding loops while still addressing the floor.A-side’s crisp “Looking Ahead” is launched with growling bass and offers thriving arpeggios, but the sceneryRead More →

Rating: 7/10 Subconsciously, I have been waiting for Hypnobooster’s debut since seeing his street art in central Tallinn. Nine lines of poetry invited to give to the streets girl names. Gradually the identity of the outdoor visual artists was revealed, with the knowledge that Hypnobooster is preparing his first album.Read More →

“Obscur. Final”, a follow-up to the first “Obscur” edition by Semantica label head Svreca, heads the Terminal 313 best-of list with a strong techno package, including the remixes by Regis, Orphx, Silent Servant and Skirt. Vakula dropped two fine cuts under the Vedomir guise, releasing “Orthodox Ambient” on Dekmantel andRead More →