Release date is in June 2013 NX1 is a two-man act consisting of Spanish producers Samot and Surit who proceed in impressive manner to the fifth installment of the NX1 series on the self-titled label.Creeping out of the night is bold and percussive “013”, where floating pads meet the track’sRead More →

Sunil Sharpe’s Dublin-based imprint Earwiggle has a strong physical connotation in its pursuit for electronic music. They press vinyl (digital also available) and prefer sounds that don’t leave people just standing at the wall. Recent example is “The Angel Maker EP” by Dez Williams, succeeding the brilliant “Midwest Whippersnappers EP”Read More →

At first glance, “Tia” makes deliberately an odd impression with shaky percussion and electromagnetic disturbance, as of low-end equipment would have been used. But this is just a transient disguise before Teersom’s 12-inch on Sähkö’s sublabel Keys Of Life reveals its very essence and brings deep and fresh sounds toRead More →

Estonian producer Margus Löve aka 1DERL&, to be pronounced Wonderland, was formerly known as dubstepper L-OW but switched to house and techno with the album called “Reflection”, out in 2012. With “Intertwined EP” his Processed imprint drops the first wax release with four remixes of the album material.The LP spanned from generic techRead More →

If a release is called “Spectramorphic Iridescence” one can expect commuting in scientific trails between the campus and the physics lab. Especially when the album is by [PHYSICS].Lush synth waves penetrating the room in “Anodyne Dream” are slightly misleading because the following compositions derive from floating wellness music and seekRead More →

American techno trouper and current Wahlberliner Adam X comes with a two-tracker on Suicide Circus sublabel SCR Dark Series. A-side’s “Coercive Persuasion” is pure industrial bondage with aggressive stabs and samples of grim robovoice  laid on throbbing bass. Only those occasional guitar strings seem a bit out of place.After having satisfiedRead More →