Release date is in August 2013 Repitch is pushing forward to the highly dynamic techno by introducing new artist Gaja whose energetic debut EP works as a shrill wake-up call and reminds of the Downwards hegemony in the 1990’s. It’s all in flames when Gaja unlocks an evil sequence andRead More →

First mentioned in the Liber Census Daniae in 1241, the Kau Manor (Kõue mõis) in Estonia was originally a medieval vassal stronghold. The location dating back to the 13th century is an appropriate setting for a live performance by Ancient Methods, the lord of Berlin’s pitch black techno war funk.Read More →

Apart from three vinyls in the beginning of its existence, Spanish imprint Subsist has focused on digital releases and might seem for wax-obsessed music lovers as a label “among others”. However having hosted several household names like Shxcxchcxsh, Stanislav Tolkachev, Elektrabel, etc., the label from Valencia deserves more attention. TheRead More →

New York-London connection at work again when Donor and Truss drop another collab, this time for M_Rec Ltd Grey Series. The vinyl-only EP follows Donor’s recent metronomic “H9” on Semantica and fits to Truss’ post-MPIA3 phase. Although it’s essentially a techno record it consists of two partitions: Both “Spacial” andRead More →

Deka ( DJ Mix at Kultuuritolm Festival 2013 in Tallinn by Terminal313 Tracklist: Mihkel Lüdig – Fuuga do minoor played by Hugo Lepnurm Smackos – Saturday Morning Plant43 – Bioluminiscent Trees DJ Naughty – Gigolo Style Faustian Pact – Critical Futurist Espion – MKYF Dino Sabatini meets Donato Dozzy –Read More →