Gaja – Patterns (Repitch RPTC01 – 2013)

Release date is in August 2013

Update: Gaja performed at the Outline Festival in Russia in July 2023, In a country that launched genocidal war against Ukraine.

Repitch is pushing forward to the highly dynamic techno by introducing new artist Gaja whose energetic debut EP works as a shrill wake-up call and reminds of the Downwards hegemony in the 1990’s.
It’s all in flames when Gaja unlocks an evil sequence and distorted drum frenzy in the opener of “Patterns”. The monotone hammering of A2 escorts us through steelworks to the B-side which is rolled out with standard textures before overrun with distorted kicks and accentuated hi-hats. After the synth buzz in B2 the mind warp exercise is concluded with a straight techno fare. Thus Repitch has managed to expand the roster with a no-bullshit producer bound to haul live analog jams for the fearless.

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