ARC# – Untitled (Deep Sound Channel DSC000 – 2013)

Deep Sound Channel is a new vehicle of the Dutch Shipwrec posse from Nijmegen and the debuting double pack offers a number of color-themed techno variations.
The opener claims the main prize: In “Grey” growling bass modulations are soaked in delays and noise particles, leading the track beyond the no-mans-land of generic (dub) techno. Affluent bass groove in “Blue” and deep house smell in “Violet” are followed by organised machine noise in “Purple” while cascading pads of “Red” seek the company of lighter sound waves and “Pink” expresses faith in the better tomorrow under darkening skies.
Surrounded by tranquil atmosphere, the album offers both deep bass abstractions and buoyant ambient-minded cuts. It’s claimed to be analog and „one time“ project by some Dutch artists affiliated with some well-known labels and releases, who yet wish to remain unknown for this project.

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