Acronym – Yggdrasil (SEMANTICA 61 – 2014)

Release date is in December 2014

Having so far released on own label Dimensional Exploration and Abdulla Rashim’s frequently tipped Northern Electronics, Acronym follows the suit of fellow countrymen Andreas Tilliander aka Svaag, S100 and Varg, recent Swedish explorers on Semantica.

Guided by a mythological interpretation of the Universe, Acronym opts for ethereal structures and tense loops. The title theme “Yggdrasil” and “Jotunheim” are high-altitude tracks navigating in glacial hiss and hum. On the flip, “Nifelheim” is on purpose set to neo-tribalistic rhythm scheme for a dubbed-out drifting to the brink of unconsciousness, before “Mimers Brunn” returns to ordinary paths. The floor is waiting.

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