Artur Lääts was one of the DJs at the launch party of Mürk (Poison), a series of techno nights in Tallinn. That moment, he and Mürk’s promotor Hugo Murutar hardly thought, maybe only dreamed, about conceiving a self-titled record label. But after running a kickstarter campaign, Mürk Records became realityRead More →

Yambo, the main character in Umberto Eco’s novel “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”, returns to the childhood home for a memory recovery. For getting cured, he is browsing childhood memorabilia – books, magazines, vinyl records, thus delving into the popular culture from the beginning of the 1930s. Leaving aside the memoryRead More →

Noiztank’s inaugural repertoire promised a new addition to the saturated market of industrial techno. The armoured outfit from Vienna launched the robust factory noise offensive with two releases by the label’s co-founder Zosima. After the EPs “Tears Of Black Powder” and “A Lady From Siberia”, the latter featuring a remix by Kareem, Noiztank continues with abrasiveRead More →

After strong comeback numbers on Forbidden Planet and Skudge, Kimmo Rapatti aka Mono Junk decided to blow off the dust from Dum Records, his 1990s cult label that had been hibernating since 2007. The Finnish imprint returns with “Maximal Fun EP” by Coopers, in its original 1994 composition of Rapatti himself and JukkaRead More →

Dubstep and bass music has not caught much of my attention. Perhaps I missed the first wave of innovative productions and didn’t find excitement in later releases, when the genre moved closer to dance music’s mainstream. However, my ignorance has neither been deliberate nor total because since Goth-Trad EP, I’m having a crushRead More →