For Underground Resistance it has become customary to issue a white label and sell it via Submerge Mailorder well before the official release hits the crates. It’s the same story with “Medicated Psychosis”, a new EP by Marc W. Floyd aka Agent Chaos. UR-053 is about genuine Motor City funk with attitude,Read More →

And here we have “Human Resource Exploitation Manual”, which is not a classified folder from the depths of HR department, but actually the fourth EP of the enigmatic electro act Privacy. After “Command Pattern EP” on Klasse Wrecks, Privacy has decided to satisfy the mankind’s need for further electro shocks, when visiting on Lobster Theremin,Read More →

Gesloten Cirkel’s double strike on Murder Capital is a much-awaited move after the artist’s electrifying album “Submit X” last year. Two heavy pieces of ‘untitled’ vinyl, again appearing on the same Viewlexx offshoot, contain six floor-shakers signed by Ratsnake the man. Both twelves reflect the producer’s proper homework in dance music history, which serves asRead More →