REVIEW: Adel Akram – Time And Place (When Are We Now? WAWN00 – 2018)

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Detroit chords meeting ambient slumber

After being a founding member of ZCKR, an experimental label of urbans sounds from Bremen, current Berlin resident Adel Akram has started a new imprint, the debut release coming from the man himself. The multi-layered opener “Midnight Zone” is a post-minimal tune, expressing stargazer’s emotions with a touch of trance. After getting past midnight, we reach a dormant state of mind in the almost modern classical, ambient study “While She Sleeps (Dedicated To Ana)”.

Flamboyant chords and larger than life strings are lifting up “I’m Only Visiting Here” to a Detroit techno look-alike that reminds of smoothness from Marcello Napoletano or Giorgio Luceri. It’s a (fr)agile favourite we can only ask for staying a bit longer. Abrupt change happens in crunchy “His Beautiful Lips”, sounding like a big beat collision of U2’s “Numb” and Moby’s “Go”. And if you haven’t heard about Ananuri Lake, the ambient ending will certainly spark the interest.

Points: 8 of 10

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