REVIEW: D. Tiffany – Feel U (Planet Euphorique PE003 – 2018)

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A breeze of change from Vancouver

When thinking about electronic music from the Vancouver area, firstly the ambient outpost Silent Season comes to my mind, even when it operates from Vancouver Island off the Canadian west coast. The next association is 1080p, a now defunct label that issued all sorts of electronics and where local artist D. Tiffany made her debut with a tape album in 2o14. After a few EPs on different labels, in 2018 she started her own little workshop with the appealing name Planet Euphorique.

D. Tiffany’s “Feel U” is the young label’s third EP that enters the room with an impressive title tune where rattling breakbeats are assisted by sultry deep house layers and the artist’s robotic vocals. Appearing delicate and thoroughly stripped down from the onset, “AK” gradually adapts hypnotic qualities and even with atmospheric mood, it’s capable of doing damage on the electro floor when played out loud.

On the flip, for a moment deep house seems to preside over “Sip & Savour”, but soon it’s complemented by vicious breaks and hazy human noises in the background. Quite similarly, “Northern Lights” may seem as a dubbed out electronic tune for admiring the natural lights up in the skies, but then it’s hosting vitriolic bass line and gurgling grooves that complement the fragile basis of the tune.

What I really like is how D. Tiffany’s tracks evolve during the playtime, when she’s building up a sonic narrative where the first and the last tones of a track may not have too much in common. A breeze of change, based on talent and artistic dedication, is clearly perceived in this EP.

Points: 9 of 10

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