***** Lerosa – Bucket Of Eggs (Acid Test ATLP-10 – 2019)

Lerosa has been a trusted name for house and deep techno connaisseurs and not necessarily someone for the covers of glossy scene mags. I discovered him just recently, after the EP “Voyageur Nissart” and his remix for Costelloe’s “Infinity”. In a way he compares to a nice and timid chap on a commuter train, a familiar face who seems to be around all the time but has still remained a stranger, despite of exchanging some polite phrases and bumping occasionally into each other.

Nevertheless, Leopoldo Rosa from Dublin has travelled a long way in the electronic music’s compartment and can look back to an extensive back catalogue, spanning from the 2005 debut on the local powerhouse D1 Recordings, up to the recordings for Uzuri, Ferox, Ostgut, MOM and many others.

Lerosa’s third album “Bucket Of Eggs” is released by Acid Test, a label known for Tin Man’s trippy hikes and not exactly a platform for 303 onslaughts. It feels also in the LP which offers a mix of dubbed out acid lines and thudding grooves. The title track wears the ‘handle with care’ label when the rhythm flows without any sudden twists and turns, amidst dubby haze and acid squirts. In turn, “Cluster” is thrown between naked warehouse walls in a violet light and thereafter velvety percussion introduces “Conjurors”, oxygen-filled house minimalism with flickering chords, followed by a little rush to “Deadline”.

Divine piece “One Is Too Short” features whistling machines and gurgling bass line while chopping and slicing “Damocles” is centered on the floor, sounding both threatening and mesmeric and “Sheffield” is introduced with tranquil deep house textures. The D-side starts with slow mode electro “Subterfuge”, to get us onboard of lunar rover and in the same vein is “Self Inflicted”, before the album peaks with stripped down acid crawler “Don’t Worry” .

“Bucket Of Eggs” is a remarkable album that deserves a thorough first listen in an isolated space with dimmed lights and relaxed mind.

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