**** Biochip – Synthase (Central Processing Unit 01001110 – 2019)

Monthly life cycle of Central Processing Unit (CPU) fans is well prioritised: first get a new record and pay your utility bills thereafter. It’s true that CPU’s incessant flow of new music keeps the label in the spotlight and despite of busy publishing schedule, no concessions are made to the quality. Recently the label from Sheffield has been shifting to IDM, chiptune and braindance with new material from 96 Back, Noumen and Bochum Welt, sounding like a fresh and bright heir of Rephlex because of this move.

Still electro twelves represent the label’s core sound and it’s not any different with the remarkable debut from the Canadian duo Biochip. Clean and lean melodic electro dominates the A-side (“M.O.”, Simulated Events”, “Doctor Effect”) while „Frame Shift“ chooses a deviant path with grinding bass line clinging to luminous pads.

As it often happens, the B-side has more in the bag when mellow funk “Tone Forest” makes a nod to Detroit and “Acid Billy” would enjoy the company of caustic techno, the almost-namesake Biochip C. was famous for in the 1990s. After cruising on “Information Superhighway”, another electro tune “Dusty Dossier” leaps to the Drexciyan zone.

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