**** Various Artists – Serious Bidness (Schmer 018 – 2020)

A set of familiar and novel flavours is now up for grabs from ‘schmergasbord’, provided by a sublabel of Serotonin Records. Leaving the electro repertoire to the parent, Schmer is on a techno mission in the six-tracker “Serious Bidness”. We are driving off with the label’s co-founder John Selway who drops a nineties tribute with easy-going acidic bleeps (“Semcid 1995 ver 4”). In related news, fellow American Dan Snazelle supplies in “Foghorn vs Megaphone” the ambience of R&S Records’ glory days and Beltram-style drum patterns.

Schmer has been open to artists all over the globe and this time we see on board Corina MacDonald aka CMD from Canada who is pounding with a 140 BPM dusky trance tool “Affective Potential”. In “Liversashi”, offbeat 303 tweaks and gabber aspirations are performed by Hisashi Saito aka Hisacid from Chiba, Japan, his floor irritations to be experienced as a track premiere here:

After Limon Sebon, a newcomer who combines in “The Reflux” electro pop with cavernous bass drum, two artists with immense back catalogue are meeting in “Blunt St”, when BPMF has invited German-born Cem Oral aka Bizz O.D. to remix duties for a rolling acid electro tune.

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