**** Shawn Rudiman, Jordan GCZ – AMS > PIT (Love What You Feel LWYF-008 – 2020)

Jordan GCZ and Shawn Rudiman are sending love all over the world from Amsterdam and Pittsburgh respectively. Having previously done live shows together, they worked on the release in the Netherlands before the finishing touches were given on the other side of the Atlantic. As the result, joie-de-vivre compositions of “AMS > PIT” are bridging the warmth of jazzy house and the swat of bass tracks.

On the A-side, the collab is united under the banner ‘In Dub We Trust’, when after electro intro “Catnip Freak” convinces the floor with ample dubbiness, leading to more atmospheric explorations of “Hole In The Ground”. On the B-side groovadelic bass line of “Too Many Teef In My Mouf” is tanning in the rays of hedonism and my favourite “Down To Biz” offers in the light of EP’s relative calmness even more downtempo mood when staging a electric jazz jam in a Detroit ballroom.


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