***** Unknown Artists – STAUB 006 (Intergalactic Research Institute For Sound IRIS009 – 2021)

Various unknown artists and various sounds of techno on this five-tracker, clocking almost 30 minutes of playtime. A good reason to return to the label, after covering the fifth release in the STAUB series. Most hypnotic is the opener, a stimulating builder that reminds of Jay Ahern’s works with synthetic dub patterns and squeaking pulses. Kick drum force pushes A2 into the darker spheres, with messy voices in the squeeze of industrial aesthetics, followed by a 2.5-minute broken beats dash in the A3.

The B1 wins the beauty contest, a calm and harmonic tune with dubbed out chords and lovely rattling percussion. The last cut takes off with gritty 808 stabs that could be expected from I-F, while a commanding voice in PCP style gives orders to the participants of a ninja training camp. Being faceless, STAUB 006 is far from being soulless when offering a lot of variety across different styles under techno’s umbrella.


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