***** Robyrt Hecht – Yskayan Knowledge (YUYAY Records YUY013 – 2022)

Robyrt Hecht "Yskayan Knowledge"Over ten years have passed since the first digital release by YUYAY Records. The label from Leipzig, Germany was founded by Robyrt Hecht, who over the years appeared under several aliases inspired by great mathematicians, like Sophus Lie, Kurt Gödel or Gottfried Leibniz. “Yskayan Knowledge”, a mini-LP encompassing six tracks, is the first YUYAY release under Hecht’s real name.

For the beginning neat classic electro. Processed vocals and Atari-era riffs would line up the opener “Is It For Sale Or Is It Free?” with Arpanet/Japanese Telecom material. My favorite “Don’t Sell Our Knowledge” shines with funkier grooves and mild acidity, while the contemplative “Earning” prepares the ground for more hydraulic fare on the B-side. Sturdy bass and the robot’s statement “There Is Nothing Wrong” give assurance of having found the right path and rectangular moves of “Knots” perfectly express the complexity of problem-solving. “Exploitation / Liquidation” returns to historical man-and-machine-made harmonies, via Dopplereffekt back to Kraftwerk.

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