***** E.R.P. – Untitled (Apnea103 – 2023)

By the language of music, Gerard Hanson (E.R.P., Convextion) has for decades told a number of compelling stories. Infrequent release schedule supports well the Texan’s standing in the electronic community, as the artist’s new material is welcomed with great anticipation. Following recent reissues of both Convextion albums, now Hanson lines up with two EPs under the E.R.P. moniker. Along with the EP “Rotating Assembly” on Om:nia, he is on electro mission for the Spanish imprint Apnea, laying out a four-tracker with placid yet thriving compositions.

Inspired by the artist’s hometown Dallas, “Lake Bachman” starts what could be a Tour de Bass in Detroit style and soon sultry pads join the flow, to create a warm and immersive ode to high fidelity. Then the next two tracks are destined for the floor. Jovial bass line of “Summer Springs” effectuates a post-punk vibe that fits well the emergence of ‘kosmisches Glockenspiel’. For some reason, it reminds me of Freddie Fresh’s classic “Comatone 95“. The EP’s rhythm king “Myrtle” stages electric boogie with space signals and thudding beats, before “Station Wagon” inches closer to the opener’s abundant atmospherics.

In a way, E.R.P. offers a yin-yang experience, when Hanson’s trademark  harmonies are well combined with more robust elements, which are even more prominently audible on “Rotating Assembly”. A formidable spring of 2023 for the artist, and fans as well.

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