**** Schuttle – BH006 (Bakk Heia Records BH006 – 2023)

Schuttle, co-founder of Manchester’s Bakk Heia Records, reappears with a four-tracker on the label that carries an amusing name. The catalogue number BH006 (don’t mix up with Berceuse Heroique) offers an interesting mix from acidic breaks to minimal house, which plays the main role on the A-side. Grooving opener “Shadout” takes a walk under blossoming cherry trees, free from any sorrows. Recalling Trapez and artists like Nôze or UND, “Souvlaki” is dished up in a theatrical milieu, for watching a play of marionettes, guided by stripped dub house and tender voice samples.

“Swords Dance (Parts 1 & 2)” is an absolute stunner that opens the B-side. A breaks orchestra rolls out thundering bass machine, which partners with acid shots and wild mouth harp solos. The last four minutes of the track turn into a psy-harmonics mayhem and after the culmination, undulating “Junkman” drops 303 squeaks over laid-back beats.

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