Kahn, Commodo & Gantz – Volume 1 (Deep Medi Musik MEDILP011 – 2015)

Dubstep and bass music has not caught much of my attention. Perhaps I missed the first wave of innovative productions and didn’t find excitement in later releases, when the genre moved closer to dance music’s mainstream. However, my ignorance has neither been deliberate nor total because since Goth-Trad EP, I’m having a crush on one label, Deep Medi Musik. Being one of the genre’s best outlets, it’s renowned for many artistic endeavours of unreal dub-tinged bass. Kahn has been ruling with recent delirious material like “Abattoir” and “Dread / Late Night Blues (Gorgon Sound Versions)” and has now joined fellow producers Commodo and Gantz for […]

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Relax: There is life after Loefah / BH 0.5

This week it was Loefah all over the place when the UK dubstepper’s long-lost „Midnight / Woman“ got finally a limited-edition release on Berceuse Heroique (BH). It took the blink of an eye the twelve to evaporate from the stocks of selected retailers – Honest Jon’s and Idle Hands. The public outrage was immense and self-justice against the label was in the air. On top of that, a new dude hiding behind the Discogs username ’tyler00o’ offered that slab of vinyl for a 39-digit pound price. By the way, it is not listed anymore which adds more fuel to conspiracy and […]

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Jeremiah R. – Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (Enklav. ‎ENK015 – 2014)


Jeremiah R. from Rotterdam is a dreamer, pursuing the sounds of electro’s atmospheric section, if to decide by his EP for the Italian label Enklav. [yes there is a full stop at the end].It gets a cautious start with harmonic layers in „Interdimensional  Beings“, to fit the loungy ambience of design hotels. The title theme “Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit” advances one level up, appearing as an intelligent and clinical electro track.Gentle breeze of dub arrives in “Infinite Skies”, a toughtful and relaxing piece and after wellness department we reach glimmering “Exile”, arching over to my personal favourite “Illuminated Process” – an intense tune […]

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SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL – The Call From Below (Digitalis DIGIV045 – 2012)


Rephrasing a movie hero: Digitalis Recordings is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. After excursions to synth, wave, doom or shoegaze it’s time to taste some Caribbean-rooted sweetness with SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL. Combining traditional sounds from the land of dreadlocks with urban bass and abstract effects, the group underscores its ambition to abstain from an ordinary dub album. And it’s easy to become addicted to the nine tracks: One can feel both the warmth of genuine roots’n’kulcha and the chill of metropolitan concrete jungle. Starting with dub-coated techno chords perceived in deeper spheres of the rebellious […]

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Ekoplekz / Wanda Group – Dead Escalator Suite / Slow Down Your Blood (Further Records – 2012)


If the demand for tape decks would skyrocket, Seattle’s Further Records is a culprit behind the trend. They come again with several cassette releases, which are, for the not-so-cools, available in digital too.Two artists have contributed to a split album. It’s opened by Ekoplekz of Mordant Music fame, who in “Dead Escalator Suite” loads the A-side with dub mash-up in an abandoned dancehall. After stumbling over dead wires on the floor, distortion knobs are found and the rhythm powered by fire-spitting engines. Combining excerpts of urban noise with rusty electronics, the track offers demanding polyrhythmic moments with mechanical hum and […]

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Rhythm & Sound w/ Jennifer Lara – Queen In My Empire (Burial Mix BM-11 – 2003)


To preserve their exceptional nature, I pick Basic Channel, Chain Reaction or Rhythm & Sound releases quite rarely from the shelf. These records are for special moments, when the mood and setting is right. Jennifer Lara’s “Queen In My Empire” is awesome, like a balm for the soul, providing comfort and protection and sounding in the same very sensual. My favorite in the Burial Mix series and an eternal classic.

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Shackleton – Fireworks (Honest Jon’s Records HJP53)


Rating: 8/10 Shackleton’s every move is watched very carefully, like Warren Buffett’s in the world of finance, and this record has not remained unnoticed by punters and clubbers. Shack’ offers two tracks, “Fireworks” and “Undeadman”, that swim in the sea of deep bass and hollow clonks, surrounded by so-beloved congas, and still maintain delicate touch. “Undeadman” might be close to the heart of zombies, if they have one.One remix is by T++, keeping the floating and complex atmosphere of “Fireworks” and sounding like stripped-down The Orb. Torsten Pröfrock does his job like in the days of DIN, however would have […]

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Afrobeat’s Tony Allen coming to Tallinn


Tony Allen, a long-time companion of afrobeat icon Fẹla Aníkúlápó Kuti and drummer in his bands, does a gig at Rock Café in Tallinn, on 9 December. Along with Kuti, Allen has been a great influencer of African modern rhythm music. In the same, the gentleman who turned 70 this year, has spread the afro message in the European music scene and beyond.It’s a pity I have only fragmented knowledge of Allen’s productions, essentially limited to one CD I would like to share with you before the concert.Issued in 2008, the compilation “Lagos Shake: A Tony Allen Chop Up” (Honest […]

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Mark Ernestus Vs. Konono N° 1 – Masikulu Dub (CNG 2) – 10/10


The first release of the label Congotronics was day and sun, this is night and moon. Much darker atmosphere here as Hard Wax head honcho Mark Ernestus has filtered original Congolese composition by Konono N° 1 into pulsating drum tracks.Psychedelic voices decorate the dub version on the A-side while the flip (“Masikulu Rhythm”) is reduced into dry and percussive loops. Dubbed out growling on knocking percussion paints a picture where sharp-eyed hunters of the tropical rain forests are at large to get your attention. This is a kindred spirit with “Wireless” by T++ and the work of Harmonious Thelonious. Warrior […]

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TV Victor – GRV Vol. 1 (NSP 08) – 9/10


Repetitio est mater studiorum, repetition is the mother of learning. The introductory lesson lasts 10 minutes 46 seconds and is titled “130509”. A blunt, even too blunt loop keeps going like Du**cell bunny, only the whole experience is not as soft and furry. It’s self-confident, sterile techno that advances in a majestic way, free of any rush. Hints of dub have been added, but the track bears only slight resemblance with Basic Channel or Chain Reaction releases. Darker feelings appear on the B1 or “010709”. It’s droning and thumping, more minimalist track from the hidden spheres of mind. The most […]

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