Feature: Dusty vinyl from Rabat

Cheikha Remitti, the Mother of Rai, in this early release of Disques Dounia.

Anyone fond of vinyl records or other collectibles knows the excitement of heading to distant territories and making unexpected finds in dusty boxes. Before leaving on a 12-day family trip in March, our destination Morocco did not look like a promised land in this respect, and for most of the time, this assumption was true. During my previous visits to the country I had gathered a sizeable collection of cassettes, with the focus on local folk, less on Oriental pop and raï and had managed to pick up also a tape version of the legendary Nass El Ghiwane’s self-titled album. During this visit, […]

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Donato Dozzy – The Loud Silence (Further Recordings FUR 058LP/CD – 2015)


Yambo, the main character in Umberto Eco’s novel “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana”, returns to the childhood home for a memory recovery. For getting cured, he is browsing childhood memorabilia – books, magazines, vinyl records, thus delving into the popular culture from the beginning of the 1930s. Leaving aside the memory loss, there are some parallels between the novel and “The Loud Silence”, a new experimental album by the Eco’s fellow countryman Donato Dozzy. After the sessions at his parents’ house in the Italian countryside, Dozzy unleashes the potential of an ultimately hypnotic device, a predecessor of all 303s and 707s – the mouth […]

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Leven Signs – Hemp Is Here (Digitalis Recordings DIGIV050 – 2013)


Once again I would like to meet Zakaria in Sefrou. On a Friday night when the harira stalls are open in the dusky side streets we bump into each other amid lively noise of the central market. He, with a smile short of some teeth, shows good command of English and fondly recalls the days when Jimi Hendrix was around, and not only him. Zakaria comes from the Moroccan hippie generation and knows the power of guitars and hand claps. We both might not have heard about Leven Signs but it’s never too late to learn about the enticing music […]

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