Madteo – Sinister Ministers (Meakusma 002x) – 8/10


The music on this record, issued in January this year, is like a fata morgana. You see something hovering in the air, then get closer, but the only thing you can touch is emptiness. You think you can get it easily, but no. This is the true style of Madteo: Nothing is too apparent. For example: The playing speed of the record. “Made Off”, that in many sound samples runs on 45 RPM, and “Sheepdipping” feel irritatingly slow – fiddling with pitch control would add new angles to the thing. All five compositions move along deep and sinister electronica where […]

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Michael Black Electro – Michael Black Remixes (Team Acre 004) – 7/10


Well, the artist name could have been smarter. But here we have Michael Black Electro or Mr Janne Hyttinen from Finland, on the crossroads of electro and hip hop, the latter dominating on this record.Author’s fellow countrymen hit with four remixes of MBE’s album tracks, full of rhymes and beats. A-side opens with Desto’s take of “Agape”, a tense hip hop with a sensible angle and like wanting to get closer to R’n’B.Then two versions of “Mustang” – artist called Clouds kicks off with piano and then slow but dull working-class rap starts rolling. Teeth’s version on B1 is more […]

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Deadboy – Cash Antics Volume 1 (Well Rounded Records 004) – 8/10


The label art, with a disturbingly bleeding bare bosom, promises b-movie horror experience. In fact the “blood” is Deadboy’s stylised signature and three tracks are packed with R’n’B-influenced UK garage tunes. Girls rap on swooshing bass lines, breaks and fat beats.“Way That I Luv U” on A1 sounds as a charismatic female duet in an intense lyrics showdown. The instrumental part is a lightweight synth-driven experience, having even something cheesy in it and reminding of 90’s simple eurodance compositions.On the flip powerful and naughty girl voice decorate also “Unofficial Girl”, with the same smoothness and moderate bass hooks. “Long Way […]

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Low Limit vs Lando Kal – The Golden Handshake EP (Numbers 1) – 8/10


The clash of the guys equipped with laser swords, one side for both of them. Low Limit loves a dirtier mix of electro and dubstep, experimenting with rhythms and varied percussion. All three tracks splatter like fountains in front of the cheering old school fans. “Where You Been 7.0” is a full-on bomb constructed with a kind help of chemical beats and real ghetto flavor. A bit like Modeselektor and Puppetmastaz in a jam session.Lando Kal is smoother and believes that house and broken beats together can create magic, especially in the first track. The following, “Exotic Jesus”, could be […]

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