Terminal 313 for Lower Parts mix


In recent years, Lower Parts has become one of my favourite labels that has not only engaged international talents but also boosted a new generation of electronic producers from native Greece. When the label founder Panajiotis aka Asty Tekk asked me for a mix I felt really honoured. Now the result is available on Lower Parts Soundcloud: you are welcome to check my home-made mix and also the label’s past and upcoming releases. The tracklist is included below.     Abe Duque – Endorsements (Abe Duque Records) Planetary Assault Systems – Gruve (Peacefrog) Fred Giannelli – Sorcery (Telepathic) Bernard Badie – Time […]

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Mix: Barely Under 140 BPM Vol. 2


About two years ago I fiddled around with my old school favourites from the ’90s for a mix called “Barely Under 140 BPM”. Now it’s time for the second edition, which includes tracks from German hardcore labels, such as PCP, Labworks, Super Special Corp., from US outlets Drop Bass Network and Temple Records N.Y.C., as well as from the UR. Coming to the present day, Earwiggle, Ophism, 3TH Records and ZCKR are on board this time. If you prefer a faster and darker approach, then the next stop is Shawn O’Sullivan’s (400PPM, Vapauteen) mix for Secret Thirteen.   “Barely Under 140 BPM Vol.2” tracklist: 1. Silicon Dream […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 5 (November 2015)


The tracklist with buy links: ADMX-71 – Phenomenalist (L.I.E.S.) As If – Nærvær (Silent Season) Nautil – Galdae (Further Records) Marco Bernardi – The Dancing Clowns (Berceuse Heroique) 3rd Face – Canto Della Liberta (Classic) I.B.M. – Bless The Mission And Toil (Interdimensional Transmissions) Liaisons Dangereuses – Dias Cortas (D.I.R.T.Y.) Hüpnosaurus – Muru (Bookworms Remix) (Wicked Bass) Tom Dicicco – We Let Go (Off Minor) Mistake Made – Convenient (Vault Series) Mark Verbos – Start Up Drive (Bunker New York) Oudeis – Phantom Melodies (Trash Can Dance) DJ ?Not – Race You To Hell (Hotel Lotte) Israel Vines – Relapse […]

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Secret Thirteen 159: Shawn O’Sullivan (STJ 159 – 2015)


Keywords like ‘Marc Acardipane’, ‘1990s’, ‘hardcore’, ‘Midwest rave’ have always alerted New York techno and synth wave artist Shawn O’Sullivan (Vapauteen, Further Reductions, Led Er Est). He belongs to the scene activists who believe that hardcore and acid techno played an important role in the evolution of 1990s electronic music. Hoover effects, nasty kick drums and crazy acid lines were part of the game that put the limelight on labels like Planet Core Productions, Dance Ecstasy 2001, Drop Bass Network, Direct Drive, etc. Now Secret Thirteen has invited O’Sullivan to share his knowledge in a special mix covering many milestones of the 1990s harder […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 4 (July 2015)


Tracklist: Ilpo Numminen – Helsinki (Vuosi) Inner8 – Ataraxia (Feat T.C.O.) (Undogmatisch) Aci_Edits – 04 [04] (/\\Aught) Hermans & Mr. Ho – Late Night Scuttla (Run Out Run) Dungeon Acid – The Move (Point Chaud Remix) (Stockholm LTD) Donato Dozzy & DJ Say – Your Eyes (Attic Music) Array Access – Variation 2 (Eomac Remix) (Ressort Imprint) Edit Select & Teste – Ascend (Edit Select Records) Giorgio Moroder – Chase (Not On Label) Hauntologists – Brooklyn (Hauntologists) Polar Inertia – Floating Away Fire (Dement3d) Exium – Magnetic Flux (PoleGroup) Tracid Posse – Power Of Darkness (Overdrive) Varg – Raggarsvin (Northern […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 3 (March 2015)

This is another edition of the “Promos & Classics” series. While most of the tracks used in this mix are new and belong to those that have caught my attention recently, it features also 1990ies material. Please meet Steve Stoll’s and Damon Wild’s project Voyager 8, Detroit’s Scan 7, Oliver Lieb’s Solieb project, ACV’s Riccardo Rocchi and for the end, a real timeless classic, UR‘s “The Final Frontier”.   Tracklist with buy links: Louis Guilliaume – Careless (Ruff Draft) DSCRD – Apparition Hill (Stroboscopic Artefacts) Synthek & Audiolouis – Unwise (Polar Inertia Remix) (Natch Records) Senyawa – Di Kala Suda (Charles Cohen Remix) (Morphine Records) Mr […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Winter Gymnastics (December 2014)

Tracklist: Social Interiors – Lucas Heights (Extreme) Man In Maardu – Euromant (Trash Can Dance) Ilpo Numminen – Osa 1 (Vuosi) Aïsha Devi – Throat Dub (Tool) (Danse Noire) Septic Shock – Adult Vainio / Väisänen / Vega – Sick Sick USA (Blast First) Nukubus – Skylark (Louis Guilliaume’s New Tomorrow Mix) (Vonk) Shitcluster – Beyond A Joke/A2 (Bunker) Ancient Methods – First Method/B1 (Ancient Methods) Kareem – Just When You Thought It Was Over (Perc Trax) The Devil & The Universe – Calling Of The Shades (aufnahme + wiedergabe) Headless Horseman – Legend (Headless Horseman) Qoso – Laphroaig (In […]

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Terminal 313 Mix: Promos & Classics Vol. 2 (November 2014)

A number of new releases and some oldies in the new mix. On several occasions, I have been tempted to get a release of French jazz wizard Erik Truffaz and the same applies for Murcof, Mexican electronics don. “Origin Of The World”, the inaugural track of their collab on Mundo Recordings is a most suitable opener for “Promos & Classics Vol. 2”, taking the listener to the melancholic world where Truffaz’s trumpet meets ambient. Hot Guts is a Philadelphia industrial wave group and “All Suns” is from their new LP on Avant! Records. Anopolis collective stands for Greek-flavoured acid house and switches on the […]

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Terminal 313 Podcast (August 2014)

Tracklist with buy links:1. R-Zone – Xochi’s Awakening (R-Zone)2. Sendai – Directive (Monad XVIII Stroboscopic Artefacts)3. Svaag – Sade (Semantica)*4. Rrose – Drowned by Sight (Stroboscopic Artefacts)*5. As Patria – The World (Attic Music)*6. Voiski – Ode To A Model (Sheik’N’Beik)*7. Edit Select & Teste – Ascend (edit select)8. Fanon Flowers – Vultures Circling 1 (Planet Rhythm)9. Killawatt – Convoys (Run Out Run)*10. Jamie Curnock – Scavenger (Onnset)*11. Reeko & Exium – Circuit 1 (Mental Disorder)*12. Oscar Mulero – Epley Manoeuvre (Warm-Up Recordings)13. Perc – Tri-City (Stroboscopic Artefacts)*14. Surgeon – Fixed Action Pattern (TOKEN)15. Tony Capstick-Carlton Main & Frickley Colliery […]

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Body Care Vol. 1 [Terminal 313 Podcast June 2014]

A new home session for your listening pleasure. Again, I could not resist the temptation to mix new material with some older tracks. Tracklist with buy links:Air Liquide – If There Was No Gravity (Jammin’ Unit Remix) (Harvest)Mace. – Support Structures (Attic Music)*BMG & Derek Plaslaiko – The True Story Of A Detroit Groove (Interdimensional Transmissions)Shawn O’Sullivan – Fumarin (Fifth Wall)S100 – Genesis (Semantica)Ghostek – 2.5 Miles Abyss (Deep Sound Channel)Edanticonf – Movement 2 (M_Rec Ltd Grey Series)*L’estasi Dell’oro – Der Hase (Fifth Wall)i – L.T.B.C.Y.B. (Pod Communication/Recognition)Genki  – Sixth School District (Torque)Leiras  – Emisario (Ownlife)Lex Gorrie – Mental Block […]

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