Mirror Man – Blood Is Truth (Bio Rhythm RHYTHM 010 – 2016)


I have no clue who is Mirror Man, his favourite sneakers or preferred pasta are unknown. Actually any details about the artist allegedly using another, quite well-known moniker are hard to find, except that some months ago Mirror Man struck with “Curse Of The Green Goat”, a podcast for Berceuse Heroique, and now the Bio Rhythm single is the vinyl debut. The Metaphenethylamine mix of “Blood Is Truth” is a heat-seeking missile propelled by restless cymbals, ample snare drum and bumblebee bass line. It will be applauded by Ekman fans as it reminds of the less vitriolic tracks of the Dutchman. In a less monotone […]

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Klankman – Illumination Through Feedback Distortion EP (Details Sound DTLSND007 – 2016)


Klankman’s opening statement appeared in 2014 when Maarten Epskamp joined the ranks of The Hague’s legendary label Bunker. After the debut and the following EP on Tar Hallow, Klankman moves ahead on the road to the heart of rough acid scene, with a release on the Milan label Details Sound, run and founded by Giuseppe Magistro and Matteo Fabbri. The three-tracker “Illumination Through Feedback Distortion” is another trespassing to the lands of machine-driven mutations, whereas the title track could by easily filed under ‘experimental noise’. It challenges the perception of Klankman serving primarily the floor, because sunken in distortion and dissonances, the track sounds off-sync […]

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Stig Inge – Bremen (ZCKR Records ZCKR11 – 2016)


Bremen’s ZCKR Records is fixated on the home turf with another set of urban impressions from the German port town. After a compilation and a single dedicated to the Grey City theme, it’s the turn of the label boss Sebastian Reuschel aka Sting Inge to produce an experimental score, for Bremen by night. The A-side’s aptly titled “The Sewer (Part I + II)” is a multi-phase track that firstly descends to the filthy depths of underground utilities. The plot is about grueling slow-hop pulled by metronomic chug and cogwheel friction, like a blurred take on T++ or Hidden Hawaii. The track’s second phase, after a hardly […]

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Various – Grey City (ZCKR 10 – 2015)

ZCKR Records is an independent label from Bremen, a city in Northern Germany and the smallest Bundesland. Historically, Bremen is known for its fairy-tale Town Musicians, four animals who formed a band and scared off a thief with dissonant, shrill improvisations. No need to be afraid of ZCKR, although the label and its artists are keen to explore the wilder side of (electronic) music. After outstanding 12-inches by surrealist sound writer Anom Vitruv and emerging local producer Qnete, ZCKR’s tenth vinyl release gives a snapshot of the local scene, in the first label compilation “Grey City”. Diversity is the tagline throughout 11 tracks that take off with 37 […]

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Stave – After The Social EP (Repitch Recordings RPTCH05 – 2015)

For me, Stave begins with the EP “Trust” on the Irish Trensmat, which now has sadly entered cold storage, as the label put it. The tracks were scripted in harsh machine language, including an outstanding remix by Israel Vines. It was in 2013, but Jonathan Krohn, a Chicago electronics artist behind Stave, was not a newcomer as his previous musical experience included experimental project Male with guitarist Benjamin Mjolsness, a band many people might not have heard about. More familiar are the doings of Talker, Krohn’s notorious noise and drone venture with Karl Meier, that has been twice hosted by Downwards. Considering Trensmat’s […]

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B-Ball Joints – Dog In The Night 04 (Dog In The Night Records ‎DIN-004 – 2014)


Rushing to the pitch with four inflamed tracks, this is how B-Ball Joints debuts on US-based imprint. Really no idea what is the deal with the dog and the night, but the label, so far mostly known for the acidic tools by Robert Crash, keeps putting out blasting material. The opener “Joint 1” is the fiercest affair, a mugging and noisy assault of enraged drum machine and darkcore textures for waking up the dead. Wobbly synth pulses carry a special operation called “Joint 2” while the next joint sounds like a mutilated ghetto track with delirious screaming before the session folds […]

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Beau Wanzer – Power Outage (Nation ‎NAT 15 – 2014)


Four electronic grotesques in ten-inch format, pressed as short but concise 45 RPM tracks. The feast starts with the title “Power Outage”, which feels like a demonic shrink session during blackout, with Alan Vega type of manic recital on accelerated knocking-on-wood beat of Amii Stewart. Next one, “Fabrics”, features EBM-friendly synth theme while things take an odd turn in “Lotraf”, where offbeat-infected drum machine is dissed by deformed monologue, allegedly by the man himself in his younger years. Crushed by noise, “Thurston Moog” finishes it off as symbiosis of electric blues and folk After hanging out with NYC’s L.I.E.S. and […]

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Drøp – Vasundhara EP (Arboretum ARB001 – 2014)


When tracing the foundations of artist name Drøp, it can be guessed as a Nordic thing because of the symbol ø, a vowel in Norwegian/Danish. But more probably it stands for the mathematical empty set, a state of being which describes well Drøp’s debut EP “Vasundhara”. The project is a brainchild of Italian Giuseppe Bifulco, born in Naples and now residing in Berlin, and dedicated to the gloomy ends of sound composition. According to the artist the sound is generated by manipulating electric circuits, lights or everything else is able to turn electric impulses. This approach is reaffirmed in the opener “Epileptic Heritage”, setting the tone for […]

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Love Cult Take Druss – Yr Problems (Trensmat ‎TR042 – 2014)


“Yr Problems” proves how experimental productions can go beyond sheer noise and dissonance. By using human voices, stealth rhythms and exciting timbres, Love Cult and Druss come up with a release full of twists and turns.About the artists: Love Cult does not refer to the followers of a self-proclaimed prophet from Mojave but it’s a project of Anya Kuts and Ivan Afanasyev, two musicians from Petrozavodsk who run Full Of Nothing label out of Karelia and are touring seven Russian cities in March. Druss is Paddy Shine, a member of Manchester’s experimental psych group Gnod, to make his second appearance […]

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Ulwhednar ‎– Midvinter (Northern Electronics ‎NE6 – 2013)


Defrosted demons lurking in the mid-winter kyrkogården like the subconscious woes in Bergman’s “Fanny And Alexander” when Ulwhednar is at it again, following the debut cassette and a LP in 2013. Out just before the Christmas, the six-track tape and digital release is another proof of Ulwhednar’s firm command of anti-wellness music but contains also traces of brightness. Initially, soft-hued tinkling tones and subtle rhythms of “Midvinter 01” herald rather crisp electronics, but the beast is yet to wake up. The second track is a long, tormenting journey with low-frequency resonance feeling in the bones, built like an short-range noise […]

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