Release date is 20 April 2013 Straight outta Potsdamerstrasse in Berlin, 3TH is a new label set up by Repitch guys Ascion and D. Carbone as well by the new kid Lucindo. “Solid Roots” marks the label’s first sonic raid by the four-member special squad. The EP’s four tight and corrosive cutsRead More →

Recently Truss aka Tom Russell has gained plaudits from the crowds with his acid techno project MPIA3. But he has not shelved the initial alias either, presenting now his second release for Sigha’s Our Circula Sound.Heavy rotation can be predicted for the kicking and stomping title track „Splot“, which does not challenge any speedRead More →

Long-long before operating in the cyberspace as Terminal 313, the owner of this blog was deeply involved in the techno scene of Estonian university town Tartu, and later also in Tallinn. Performing with my friend as Deka & Free sound system we delivered numerous hardcore and acid moments to theRead More →

Actually it was only a matter of time when the label with the horse meets up-and-coming acid techno advocate from London. From 1990 onwards R&S Records heavily contributed to the foundations of the European techno and therefore signing with MPIA3 an artist reanimating the sounds from that era is aRead More →

Hardly any daylight penetrates to an Antarctic polar station where experiments with hazardous substances of extragalactic origin are conducted in “Decant / Churn”, for another proof how Rabih Beaini’s Morphine Records is obsessively exploring the fringes of electronics. This time under discharge is the second tankful by Philadelphia’s abstract techno crusaders Metasplice, alreadyRead More →

Hakim Murphy, a Bachelor in music composition, is another proof that Chicago is not sleeping. Initially fascinated by deep house, Murphy adds throbbing subnotes to the second release on Episodes, recalling the rawness of Warehouse and dryness of Jamal Moss.Navigating in a magnetic storm, “Technis” might vaguely stick to deepRead More →

Release date is in October 2012 For proper techno action in 2012 Developer’s “Trade Beliefs” is one of the main suspects. It has been noticed also by Semantica because an EP with reinterpretations will see the light of the day. Each of four tracks is remixed by different artist, startingRead More →

A collective effort on Semantica’s number 50, which does not indicate the extent of the label’s catalog with arithmetics seeming quite chaotic – but rather emphasizing the weight of the release with techno luminaries like Surgeon and Svreca plus the rising star Skirt. Especially Anthony Child’s appearance on the labelRead More →