DUST OFF: Frankfurt Trax Vol. 1 (PCP 004) 8/10

In the beginning of the 90’s a hardcore techno factory was based in Frankfurt am Main (FFM), a lot of brain-drilling trax, by dozens of artists hitting the floors from its conveyors. It was revealed only later that one man, Marc Trauner, was behind of most of the monikers and in addition to producing was utterly busy in inventing new and new label and artist names. PCP (Planet Core Productions) was the base of the hardcore. About same time a wave of hard trance swept across Germany, and although the PCP and Harthouse releases, for example, were different like day […]

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Syncom Data – Beyond The Stars (Remixes) (SD Records 05) – 7/10

SD Records, one of the luminaries in the new coming of dub techno with emphasis on the first part of the genre definition, with three remix treatments of “Beyond The Stars”. Speedy J, historical figure behind the floor hymn in praise of to the high-collar knitwear*, makes a powerful apperance on the A-side. He delivers a dark and deep voyage to subconciousness of machines with warped dub effects, clicks and slaps. Nine and a half minutes of the full-on track where BPMs not reach the skies. On B1, Syncom Data does not give much efforts to reinterpret the original but […]

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DUST OFF: Huren – Istropolitana EP (Qube Records 001 – 1999)

Go to google.de, type “Huren” and search for pictures. What you see might be exciting but not related to the real Huren or Dave Foster, a producer known for uncompromising attitude to the music. His greatest success came with the project Teste and the track “The Wipe” (Probe Records) that landed in many compilations and was reissued by Plus 8 some years ago. In the beginning of 1990’s, with fellow Canadian Himadri, Foster produced sci-fi acid and stripped-down minimalist trips (see Perceptrons). Later he moved closer to sinister techno, becoming associated with ultra-tech label Zhark and doing a highly pressurized […]

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