Sähkö’s Puu offshoot has been mostly a platform for jazz, dub, world and other non-techno productions, but in 1996 it saw a guest appearance by Mika Vainio under the name of Tekonivel (‘artificial joint’ in Finnish). The circus-themed three-tracker is not exactly family entertainment – although not as annihilating as “OsastoRead More →

Release date is April 2012 Cryptic messaging by NX1 aka Tomas Bernabe for Semantica, with two somber tech exercises called “SR1” and “SR2” respectively. Thunder and drone go hand-in-hand, whereas both cuts discover celestial chords closer to the end. Found some common features with Alva Noto and Pan Sonic hereRead More →

Don’t be misled by jazzy saxophone on the label, the record is inspired by industrial noise and welds anything that can be welded. Now when Adam X resides in Berlin, Vapauteen takes the responsibility to radiate the hardest sound outta Brooklyn. “Weld” is a mean and ugly stuff for strobeRead More →