Launched in 2013, Berceuse Heroique is a vinyl-only label from London having already attracted an interesting set of artists. After Ekman from the Netherlands, to return soon with insane acid single, and Gesloten Cirkel from Russia, Detroit’s Manuel Gonzales aka MGUN has now parked at BH. On the A-side heRead More →

Deep Sound Channel is a new vehicle of the Dutch Shipwrec posse from Nijmegen and the debuting double pack offers a number of color-themed techno variations.The opener claims the main prize: In “Grey” growling bass modulations are soaked in delays and noise particles, leading the track beyond the no-mans-land ofRead More →

Release date is in September 2013 At first instance “scjkn-13”, the standout track of the new EP on PoleGroup, sounds like Mike Parker. In fact Spherical Coordinates is a collab of Spanish producers, the label owner Oscar Mulero and Christian Wünsch. Earlier this year the duo appeared along Parker onRead More →

From 1995, an intense blast on Alan Oldham’s Generator Records (Detroit): “Interferon”, grinding proto-rave monster and the label’s iconic track, was remixed by several influential faces of the mid-1990s scene. It jump starts with Dave Clarke’s in-your-face deconstruction, squeezed between the original’s evil riff and angry breakbeats with loud ‘X-313!’ shouts of thundering kick drums.Read More →