REVIEW: DJ SCSI – Tech 4 Life – Face Da Nation (Hard Beach Entertainment HBE005 – 2017)

Another gem has landed on Hard Beach Entertainment, with the label’s second EP from DJ SCSI who is making a leap from relative anonymity to deep appreciation in electro community. Initially regarded as ‘new’ artist, DJ SCSI actually debuted in 1997 for the Detroit label D-Bass but thereafter the alias holder Gari Romalis virtually remained silent – up to the beginning of this decade when he returned with a number of techno and house EPs, as I just found out.

“Tech 4 Life – Face Da Nation” is a perfect showcase of Romalis’ talent and opens with “Communication”, a ‘+6%’ overhaul of the debut EP’s title track that clearly serves as a tribute to “Computer World” by a world-famous group from Düsseldorf.

Not sure if other cuts are vintage DAT business too but massive they are, for sure: Junglist “Dronez” comes with supreme 808 riffs and resonating bass. Of more leaden kind is ghetto narrative “Jit Warz 5.13.18 PM” and “UFO (Area 313 Mix)” provides phunky techno treatment for a change. Kicking off like a downtempo outerlude, “Sex (Jit Shache Mix)” is punching with raw passion and DAF-esque sordid rhythms to wrap up this brilliant effort by DJ SCSI.

Not because of electro being ‘fashionable’ again these days but for unique spirit and soul “Tech 4 Life” deserves huge respect. Just asking for more and reminding that on the label, ghetto house EP “HBE004” by DJ Trebluf & DJ Beusta should be noticed as well.

Points: 10 of 10

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