ELECTRO COMPS: Carebot$ / Confrerie, Pactole & Dividendes / Urban Connections

***** Various – Carebot$ (Carebots) (Bass Agenda BA105 – 2020)

A cavalcade of electro artists, virtually a Who’s Who of the genre have been summoned by UK’s Bass Agenda, for a good cause of supporting NHS and Médecins Sans Frontières. Before embarking on this charity mission, the label head Andy had planned a well-deserved break after more than 100 releases, but decided to do something extraordinary for brave people in the pandemic’s frontline.

The fundraiser is still taking shape, with over 130 artists all over the globe having done their bit so far. After listening to excerpts, I reckon many producers have chosen very dope cuts from them unreleased lot. Obviously many hours have to be allocated for a thorough listen of the compilation, which is due on 15 May 2020 and besides luminaries like Anthony Rother, Carl Finlow, Plant43, Nomadico, Will Web, BlakTony and many others, attention has to be paid to lesser known names for fine artistic discoveries. Yours truly, who joined the release’s supporters on the Bandcamp’s waiver day, is looking forward to an enlightening yet demanding electro experience.

**** Various – Confrerie, Pactole & Dividendes (44 Tours Records 44TR002 – 2020)

In March 2019, 44 Tours record shop & bar opened doors in Nantes and became a meeting point for the local community. For introducing artists from the region, founding a label was the next logical step. In its second release, again a mini compilation, four mostly newbie producers are moving in the crossroads of electric funk, acid and breaks for a smooth flow of floor-conscious tracks. The A-side is driven by the 1980’s heritage with Alder’s traditional breakdance swing “The Fall Of Empire”, while Same O’s (“Redrum”) warm bass is grooving with UK hardcore stabs. The B-side gets a rough start with caustic electro attack from Marino (“Pspsps”) and Berg-Jaär (“VIN”), who has already experience on Arts and Planet Rhythm, plays with complex rhythm patterns with a junglist touch.

***** Various – Urban Connections XV (Urban Connections URBAN-15 – 2020)

Along with Croatia’s Crobot Muzik, Urban Connections from Spain has been among my favourite electro netlabels. Especially the self-titled compilations of Amper Clap’s imprint are perfect chance to find out about new sounds coming from Spain and elsewhere. The fifteenth edition speaks for itself and there are no weak links among fifteen tracks that I’ve had in heavy rotation recently. Highlights include Aux 88-style bass and Spanish rhythmic recital by Dark Vektor feat. Turbolover (“2045”), dreamy yet intense “La DMX En El Juego Esta” with orgastic synth riff by Dj HasH, EBM offspring by Hissarlik (“The Fall Into Time”), atmospheric idealism by Jaume Colomer, waving machine funk by TECHcontrol (“I Don’t Care”) and many more.

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