Dating back to the early 1990’s, Planetary Assault Systems has been Luke Slater‘s project for functional tracks ever since. In “The Light Years Reworks” acclaimed techno troopers are overhauling several P.A.S. goodies from the past, the seminal “Planetary Funk” that appeared on Peacefrog from 1993 to 1999 being a centralRead More →

In recent years, Brokntoys has been a trusted platform for inspirational electro, often in its melodic form, and now the label expands the horizon with a techno-inclined offshoot called Eidetic. The sublabel’s first physically available release is the second by the catalogue numbers and comes from Russian producers Kovyazin D,Read More →

In its beginnings, Berceuse Heroique (BH) looked like an adolescent rebel aimed at shocking everyone around. In addition to sowing disorder with harsh, nonconformist sounds the London label was notorious for provocative visuals that went beyond any taste. Still it feels quite the same when – after a break sinceRead More →

The year 2017 started with two new release announcements from artists who in my view share something common in sound and it explains why they both have appeared on the same label, Mathematics Recordings from Chicago. This time John Heckle and Giorgio Luceri go separate ways when the UK producer prepares for AprilRead More →